Mitchell Tenpenny Prays for Romantic Salvation in ‘Can’t Go to Church’

That's one hell of a breakup ...

Written by Chris Parton
Mitchell Tenpenny Prays for Romantic Salvation in ‘Can’t Go to Church’
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Mitchell Tenpenny bows his head for a solemn new standout titled “Can’t Go to Church,” seeking romantic salvation in a deeply personal track which shows his spiritual roots.

Tenpenny might be best known for boozy tracks like “Drunk Me” and “Alcohol You Later,” but the Music City native is also a man of faith — and “Can’t Go to Church” is actually a pledge to keep it any way he can. Co-written by Tenpenny with Jordan Schmidt and Matt Rogers, the heart-pounding hard rocker tells the hitmaker’s story of getting dumped by his high school girlfriend, and trying to avoid her at all costs.

“I grew up in Nashville and went to a Christian school — David Lipscomb High School,” Tenpenny explains. “All my friends and I attended both school and church together. The girlfriend I had at the time broke up with me and the first thing you do at that age is try to avoid them. And I knew if I went to church, I would see her. So, I wrote this song not because I didn’t believe in God and didn’t want to fellowship, I just didn’t want to see her. I said a prayer to God that ‘I will praise you, I just can’t walk in there anymore.’”

“I’ll still do my prayin’ but I’ll do it somewhere else / Ain’t it crazy how an angel can drag a man through hell? / Oh, I know Sunday mornin’ she’ll come walkin’ through that door / So, Lord, forgive me, I can’t go to church anymore,” goes the powerful chorus, with Tenpenny’s to-the-heavens vocal telling his tale.

The rising hit maker’s bouncy current single, “Anything She Says” (featuring Seaforth), is out now, and he’s currently headlining shows with Seaforth and Adam Doleac as special guests on the Anything She Says Tour.