Mitchell Tenpenny Takes the Blame in New Single, ‘Broken Up’

Check out the scintillating '80s-pop vibes of this new track.

Mitchell Tenpenny Takes the Blame in New Single, ‘Broken Up’
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo credit: Kacie Q

Mitchell Tenpenny takes a hard look in the mirror for his new single, “Broken Up,” pointing a finger of blame squarely at himself.

Written by the rising talent with Devin Dawson, Kyle Fishman and Ernest Keith Smith, the Nashville native turns a classic theme on its head — admitting a relationship’s end was all his fault. Featuring an effects-laden vocal and propulsive ’80s pop beat, he’ll take the new track to country radio on July 27, and premiered acoustic style during the recent CMA Summer Stay Cay event.

“We wrote it about a year ago at Kyle Fishman’s studio downtown,” Tenpenny says of the track. “I loved the idea of taking responsibility for a breakup, because most end badly with both sides blaming each other.”

“But baby, I’m still broken up about it / Yeah, I’ve had it up to here, had enough about it / Maybe I will open up about it / But only if I drink until I’m drunk about it / Lord knows, I wish that I could say that I’ll be fine / But, baby, I’m still broken up about it,” goes the apologetic chorus.

The track marks a follow up to Tenpenny’s adventurous previous single “Anything She Says,” which was a collaboration with Australian newcomers Seaforth. That track followed the boozy “Alcohol You Later,” which was just certified Gold by the RIAA, and his 2018 double Platinum hit, “Drunk Me.”