Mitchell Tenpenny Captures Real-Life Drama in ‘Broken Up’ Video

There's no substitute for the real thing!

Written by Chris Parton
Mitchell Tenpenny Captures Real-Life Drama in ‘Broken Up’ Video
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Mitchell Tenpenny captures the conflicting emotions of a break up in his new video for “Broken Up,” using a real-life couple to do the job.

Directed by Justin Key and using an actual couple as its main characters, the video centers on the events that lead to a breakup — and all the drama that entails. Using broken mirrors and picture frames to tell the story, the clip opens with a bloody nose and bleary eyes, before the truth of the situation is revealed.

“I think Justin nailed the raw emotions between the characters in the video,” Tenpenny says. “The tension in the fight scene is fierce, just like break ups can be. It’s a great three-minute film.”

“But baby, I’m still broken up about it / Yeah, I’ve had it up to here, had enough about it / Baby, I will open up about it / Yeah, but only if I drink until I’m drunk about it / Lord knows I wish that I could say that I’ll be fine / But baby, I’m still broken up about it,” goes the sharp chorus.

Written by Mitchell, Devin Dawson, Kyle Fishman and Ernest Keith Smith, “Broken Up” is part of an upcoming album project — the follow up to 2018’s Telling All My Secrets. The Nashville native scored a double-Platinum hit with “Drunk Me” that year, and posted the Gold certified “Alcohol You Later” in 2019.