Mo Pitney Celebrates Lasting Love With ‘Right Now With You’

Check out this timeless romantic anthem!

Written by Chris Parton
Mo Pitney Celebrates Lasting Love With ‘Right Now With You’
Mo Pitney; Photo credit: Jeremy Cowart

Mo Pitney revels in the thrill of lasting love in “Right Now With You,” a fresh track from a new school classic-country stalwart.

Co-written by the singer with Will Nance and Paul Overstreet, Pitney says the smiling love song was inspired by own experience — and how the best mature relationships never lose their spark. With his strong-but-tender vocal leading the way and a timeless sound underneath, the rising talent tells his significant other that every day together feels just like the first time.

“[My wife] Emily and I had been out in a crowd of people somewhere, and felt overwhelmed that I just needed to kiss her in front of everybody,” Pitney explains. “It felt good to be able to say that I still want to do that after we have been doin’ this for a while, so I brought the idea in. I’ll never forget it. Paul was just lookin’ over his coffee cup with his eyes closed singing what I sang to him and he started saying ‘Now’ after every line that I gave him. He made this really uninteresting idea interesting immediately.”

“‘Cause I still wanna kiss you in a crowd now / Sing my love songs out loud now / Let everyone that I know now know I wrote ‘em bout you / Guess all I’m tryin’ to say now / Girl, I don’t wanna miss a day now / And there ain’t nothin’ like right now / With you,” goes the heartwarming chorus.

“Right Now With You” is part of Pitney’s upcoming album, which is expected to arrive this year. ​