Nathaniel Rateliff Writes ‘Redemption’ for Justin Timberlake Film ‘Palmer’

The new movie arrives in January 2021.

Written by Chris Parton
Nathaniel Rateliff Writes ‘Redemption’ for Justin Timberlake Film ‘Palmer’
Justin Timberlake; Photo courtesy of AppleTV

Rootsy rising star Nathaniel Rateliff searches for “Redemption” alongside Justin Timberlake in a dramatic new track, released this week as part of the trailer to the upcoming film, Palmer.

Coming to Apple TV+ in early 2021, the movie stars Timberlake as a small town hero turned ex-convict, who returns home after years in prison to start his life over. That’s easier said than done with the whole town judging you, but he finds a purpose in something outside himself — a young boy who’s different from the others, and desperately needs a role model. All about overcoming prejudice and hate, it’s a story of transformation, and Rateliff’s “Redemption” puts it to music.

With an uplifting theme of being set free, Rateliff says the track was written after Timberlake and the film’s director filled him in on the plot, and showed him where it would be used. The track plays over the movie’s closing scene, so “Redemption” is filled with a dramatic sense of closure.

Check out the full track below. Nataniel Rateliff’s “Redemption” is out now and follows his acclaimed solo album, And It’s Still Alright, the singer’s first project with out his band The Night Sweats. Palmer starring Justin Timberlake premieres on Apple TV+ January 29.