Nick Wayne Celebrates One-of-a-Kind Girls in ‘American Original’

Check out the world premiere of this instant summer standout!

Written by Chris Parton
Nick Wayne Celebrates One-of-a-Kind Girls in ‘American Original’
Nick Wayne; Photo credit: Seiji

Emerging artist Nick Wayne offers a high-energy tribute to girls who make their own rules in “American Original,” a souped-up anthem to the mold busters in life’s front row.

Premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (June 18), the uptempo jam is a modern-country shoutout to that girl at the foot of every stage — the one who’s dancing like no one’s watching and will definitely go home with a smile. The Nashville native co-wrote his instant summer standout with hitmaker Bob DiPiero and Jason Gantt, and says it was inspired by the fans who’ve been coming out to his shows for years.

“People think we can’t see them from the stage, but we can,” Wayne explains, thinking back to his pre-COVID days on tour with Maren Morris, Devin Dawson and more. “I’m always thankful for ‘that girl,’ the American Original. She’s happy to be there, singing, dancing, and it’s her energy that we react to onstage. It gets the crowd going every time.”

Featuring Wayne’s crisp, effortless voice and a party-starting beat, plus an anything-is-possible vibe that’s perfect for long, hot days (and nights) of memory making, it’s out tomorrow (June 19) along with his new EP of the same name.

“She’s a ‘Free Bird’ shout out, middle of the crowd / Starts wakin’ up when the sun goes down / Worn in Levi’s, faded just right / Z28 from ’69 / Bright red lipstick stain on my shirt / But it’s all right, now / She moves to a rhythm smooth and difficult / Classic unconventional American original,” goes the chorus.

“American Original” is the title track of Wayne’s three-song EP, American Original[s], inspired by his experience at last year’s Stagecoach festival. The set also includes two more high energy standouts — the grooving “Just Getting Started” and tongue-in-cheek fun of “Hang On, My Wife’s Calling” — and follows a series of early-career releases including his Coffee Black and Bourbon Neat projects, featuring “Drunk Again” (featuring his newly-engaged fiancee Hannah Ellis).