Nikita Karmen Gets Over It and ‘Then Some’ Featuring Walker Hayes

They team up for an empowering breakup anthem.

Written by Chris Parton
Nikita Karmen Gets Over It and ‘Then Some’ Featuring Walker Hayes
Nikita Karmen; Photo Credit: Desiree King

Newcomer Nikita Karmen teams with hitmaker Walker Hayes for her new track, “Then Some,” going the extra mile with a smile after a bad breakup.

Produced by Hayes with a combination of the pair’s quirky charms, the track features a laid-back rhythm and an Indian sitar melody, plus Hayes’ backup vocal and a clever theme. She’s not just going to over an ex, the pair sing, she’s going to get over it and then some.

“‘Then Some’ was the first song Walker and I ever wrote together — I believe we got it started in a green room when we were opening acts for Bobby Bones’ stand-up tour,” Karmen says. “From then on, it has continued to be the track that sticks out to me the most. I love to listen to songs with a fun play on words, especially when a song can be initially perceived as sad like this one, but then turns around to become an empowering breakup song!”

“This is the first song idea Nikita brought to me,” Hayes adds. “It’s easy to hear why I was intrigued with how her mind worked and the unique sound of her voice. Really jacked about being featured on this track with her.”

After moving to Nashville from her native Australia a few short years ago, Karmen has kept herself busy and her career moving forward. “Then Some” marks the fifth track she’s released in 2020 alone, including two others produced by Hayes: “Came Close” and “Better.” The rising talent is also member of Bones’ The Raging Idiots touring band.