Noah Reid Releases Feel-Good Video For ‘Got You’

Have you learned the dance yet?

Noah Reid Releases Feel-Good Video For ‘Got You’
Noah Reid; Photo via YouTube/Amy Segal

Schitt’s Creek star and singer/songwriter Noah Reid has released a music video for his song, “Got You.” The video emphasizes the positive vibes brought to life in the song, showing Reid singing the tune on a roof while two women behind him, and various people throughout the video, do a fun dance choreographed by Reid’s fiancée Clare and her sister, Julia.

“Back when life was normal, we used to throw parties (remember parties?) and often Clare and her sister Julia would make up these line dances and get a bunch of people learning the steps and doing it together, and it was just the best,” Reid told EW. “But obviously we can’t all be together at the moment. So Clare and Julia made up a dance that was ‘Noah-Proof’ — if I can do it, anyone can.”

The video was directed by Amy Segal and was filmed in a socially-distanced fashion, as the two drove around Toronto to shoot the various scenes with friends. Reid, who admits he’s not the greatest dancer, also shared some of the outtakes from the music video shoot where he can be seen learning the dance and adding his own flair.

Reid played Patrick Brewer on the Emmy-nominated sitcom, Schitt’s Creek, for three years. He received attention for his singing talent in season three when he performed an acoustic version of “Simply The Best” by Tina Turner. “Got You” will appear on his new album, Gemini, which is out now.