Noah Schnacky Enlists Jimmie Allen For Sprightly, ‘Don’t You Wanna Know’

This song is already on repeat for us!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Noah Schnacky Enlists Jimmie Allen For Sprightly, ‘Don’t You Wanna Know’
Noah Schnacky and Jimmie Allen; Cover art Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Noah Schnacky has teamed up with Jimmie Allen for an infectious new song, “Don’t You Wanna Know.” 

Unlike how most songs are written, “Don’t You Wanna Know” actually came to Schnacky while he was deep in slumber. In his dreams, the country singer found himself hanging with his best friend when the latter started singing the song to a girl. 

Upon awakening, the first thing he did was search for the song on the internet—only to realize it had not existed yet. Being the adept songwriter that he is, the Big Machine Records artist brought his idea to a co-write with Joshua Wade Door and Dylan Guthro, leading them to pen the genre-blurring anthem. The track, which boasts both pop and hip-hop influences, captures the beloved traits of a country lifestyle, such as driving down the long “backroads,” “fishin’ in the dark,” and getting “some mud stuck on the truck.”

“Don’t you wanna know what it feels like in the moonlight / Blowin’ stop signs, tryna find where these roads go / Gettin’ lost in the lift kit, kickin’ up dirt / You know that sounds nice, girl  / Don’t that feel right, girl?” Schnacky and Allen sing with both country pride and swagger on the energetic chorus.

Sounds Like Nashville caught up with Schnacky to find out more about “Don’t You Wanna Know,” his friendship with Allen, life over the past year, and what else fans can expect next. Find out more in the exclusive Q&A below!

SLN: You mentioned that “Don’t You Wanna Know” came to you in a dream! How did you end up writing it? Where did you draw inspiration from?

Noah Schnacky: Yeah, the song came to me in a dream one night and I wrote it the following day on a Zoom write! I drew inspiration from my personal perspective and the things that I love about the country and small town living.

What made you decide on collaborating with Jimmie Allen for this song?

Jimmie was the first person I thought of and I’m glad I did. He’s been a friend of mine since I started in country music, and I’ve always been a big fan of his music and style. It felt natural that we hop on a track together finally. 

What’s the idea behind the music video for “Don’t You Wanna Know”?

The music video was conceptualized by the director Chris Beyrooty.  It’s about a city girl’s dream for country living coming to life as her L.A. loft literally transforms into the countryside and I get to show her all the fun and adventure that small town life has to offer. 

Our last interview with you was in August of last year, when the pandemic was still raging across the country. Now that we’re all coming out of it, in hindsight, what’s been the biggest silver lining for you?

This last year has changed my life forever in such a positive way. I would say that the silver lining for me is that I am now closer to my fans than I’ve ever been before. Just as important, I feel like they’re closer to me too. Now when I see people in person who have been a part of my story on social media this last year, it’s like meeting an extended family member. It’s a wild feeling.

You recently set pedal to the metal on your YouTube vlogs, with videos coming out daily! What sparked this move?

To me it’s all about connecting with the people that I want to do life with. I’m always looking for new ways to connect with others, and do life together like a family. Starting vlogs was my way of bringing them into my story as the music continues to grow. 

What else can fans expect from you for the rest of 2021?

They can expect a whole lot from me. I’m excited to give them more songs and content this year than ever before. I’m excited to shake more hands and hug more extended family members as I head out on the road. 

Listen to “Don’t You Wanna Know” and other brand new country releases on New Nashville below.