Noah Schnacky Shares His Lost Heart On Two New Songs

The country heartthrob continues his hit-releasing streak.

Written by Jeremy Chua
Noah Schnacky Shares His Lost Heart On Two New Songs
Noah Schnacky; Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Rising country singer Noah Schnacky has released two brand-new infectious singles, “Comeback” and “Where’d You Go.”

“Comeback” is an uptempo radio-friendly song Schnacky wrote alongside JT Harding and Lindsay Rimes, and follows his personal plea and confession for the only “comeback” he needs—the ex-girlfriend.

“‘Comeback’ shows a side of me that I’ve never shown my fans before,” the singer shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “It’s pretty vulnerable for such an upbeat song and it all comes from real post-breakup feelings that I experienced myself.”

“Where’d You Go,” on the other hand, is “about a girl I met in a dream I actually had when I was a teen,” the singer revealed. 

“Where’d you go, where’d you go, baby I just gotta know / You and I got so close, now you’re gone, you left me cold,” Schnacky sings plaintively in the chorus, almost lost in his sea of questions.  

“I remember a little about what she looked like, but what’s still really vivid to me is the way it felt to be around her,” he added. Schnacky also co-penned this tune, with Mark Holman and Tommy Lee James. 

“It was pure joy. I kind of think the dream might have been a vision on my future wife if I’m honest. I hope she hears it haha.”

As part of the multi-single release, the 23-year-old heartthrob also announced a “Cyber Date Social Initiative,” giving fans the opportunity to win one of three cyber dates with him simply by engaging on socials and sharing their love for the songs. “The cyber date idea is really exciting to me,” Schnacky explains. “I’m all about meeting new people and I thought this would be a fun way to connect on a new level.”

Prior to this multi-track release, the Big Machine Records artist sent his debut single “I’ll Be The One” to country radio last year. Additionally, to date, previous single-track releases “Hello Beautiful” and “Maybe We Will” have already amassed close to 70 million total streams on Spotify alone. 

Listen to Noah Schnacky’s new releases now. Catch the budding star when he takes over the Sounds Like Nashville Instagram for a live Q&A today (5/18) at 5 p.m. CST.