Old Dominion Announce New Album, ‘Time, Tequila & Therapy’

The forthcoming record will include a collaboration with miss Gladys Knight!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Old Dominion Announce New Album, ‘Time, Tequila & Therapy’
Old Dominion; Photo credit: Mason Allen

Country GRAMMY-nominated group Old Dominion is set to release their fourth album, Time, Tequila & Therapy, on October 8. The 13-track collection will include their fast-rising hit single “I Was On a Boat That Day” and “All I Know About Girls,” a brand new song that dropped today (8/20).

The fresh track feature boasts the signature breezy Old Dominion sound and cleverly written tongue-in-cheek lyrics about the persona’s knowledge on women or sometimes, lack thereof. 

“I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none / A renaissance man if there’s ever been one / Got a pretty good handle on a lot of things / But I ain’t figured out everything,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey reflects in the opening verse before admitting, “It’s like ‘yeah baby, no baby / Whatever you want baby, whatever it is is my fault’ / All I know about girls is / All I know about girls is / I don’t know nothing at all.”

On Time, Tequila & Therapy, Old Dominion collectively survey the ups, downs, trials, and tribulations of life, love, and friendships while infusing their beloved country sound with songwriting excellence and arena-ready anthems. The opener “Why Are You Still Here” glides along on organic percussion and piano as the song ponders what an ex is up to, “I don’t want to know, but damn I want to know. The upbeat “Hawaii” whisks Jimmy Buffet-style island bliss down south.

Then, there’s “No Hard Feelings” where the guys “took a little Time, Tequila & Therapy and threw it in a blender with ice” before intoxicating with another hummable hook. The “Empress of Soul” herself, Gladys Knight, duets with Old Dominion on the Motown-by-way-of-Music-Row soul stunner “Lonely Side of Town.” The action all culminates with the bluesy guitar twang of the finale “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Love” as one final chant soars off to the heavens. Each band member—Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Brad Tursi, Whit Sellers, and Geoff Sprung—notably participated in the songwriting alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. 

Earlier in May, Old Dominion previewed their forthcoming album with “I Was On a Boat That Day.” Heralded by many as this year’s “song of the summer,” the infectious smash currently sits at No. 11 on the Mediabase Country Chart. Right out of the gate, it was added to rotation by 132 country radio stations across America, which the song the second most added single of 2021. “I Was On a Boat That Day” has already amassed over 20 million streams and counting, in addition to 2.2 million YouTube views on the music video. The five-man band is also featured on powerhouse vocalist Caitlyn Smith’s soaring single, “I Can’t.”

Tickets for the band’s highly anticipated We Are Old Dominion Tour are also on sale now and available here. Fans can pre-save Time, Tequila & Therapy HERE and pre-order signed CDs and other exclusive merch at Old Dominion’s official merch store.

Time, Tequila & Therapy Track List

1.  Why Are You Still Here
2.  Hawaii
3.  Walk On Whiskey
4.  All I Know About Girls
5.  Blue Jeans
6.  No Hard Feelings
7.  Lonely Side of Town (feat. Gladys Knight)
8.  I Was On A Boat That Day
9.  Drinking My Feelings
10.   Somethings The Same About You
11.   I Want To Live In A House With You
12.   Don’t Forget Me
13.   Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Love