PJ North Howls at the Moon in ‘Turn It Up Some’ Premiere

Check out the red-hot-summer vibes of his newest release.

Written by Chris Parton
PJ North Howls at the Moon in ‘Turn It Up Some’ Premiere
PJ North; Photo credit: Alex Mertz

Newcomer PJ North looks to crank up the summertime heat in his new track, “Turn It Up Some,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (July 16).

Featuring a howling mix of modern country, Top 40 pop and melodic punk, the Friday-night anthem is all cans-in-the-air and devil-may-care. North co-wrote the propulsive tune to be the perfect soundtrack to a rowdy small-town party, and he gives it all the loud-and-proud attitude it deserves. Speaking with SLN, he says sometimes you’ve just got to turn up the volume on life itself.

“My goal with ‘Turn It Up Some’ was to bring out the party in preparation for the summer,” North explains. “I really love making big party songs. Songs that you turn up in your car and sing along to, songs that you drink to, songs that make you want to just throw down on a Friday night. When Frank Legeay, Michael Mechling and I got together about the sound I was going for, it was like they read my mind. We wanted to lean into the pop-punk country sound I am cultivating and they know how to bring the best of the songs I’ve written to get that. Our hope is that everyone that hears this gets to the end of the song and just starts it over and turns the speakers to max volume.”

“Tonight we gon’ turn it up some / Till the sunrise we only live once, never enough / We gon’ get loud about it, fire pit with a crowd around it / Whole town, gonna know now that, we’re the ones / And now we’re gon’ turn it up some,” goes the chorus.

“Turn It Up Some” is part of North’s year-long Victory Laps project, a series of singles rolling out slowly all through 2020 and culminating in a full EP. He’ll take over Sounds Like Nashville’s Instagram account tomorrow (July 17).