Raelynn Picks Up Mitchell Tenpenny With Playful ‘Get That All the Time’

Good-vibes only people!

Written by Chris Parton
Raelynn Picks Up Mitchell Tenpenny With Playful ‘Get That All the Time’
RaeLynn; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild - Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

Here’s one you’ve never heard before: Two country stars walk into a bar, and … team up for a flirty new jam called “Get That All the Time.”

Sorry for that. Groans noted. But this new track from Raelynn and Mitchell Tenpenny is something that deserves an approach as playful as the tune itself.

Mixing flirtatious pick-up lines with a good-vibes only sway, the track is like the definition of a sonic smile, capturing the moment two people click on a night at the bar. There’s no heavy-handed bedroom innuendo, just a mischievous push and pull as each one tries to make a memorable first impression, and its catchy nature should come as no surprise considering the team behind it. Raelynn and Tenpenny have been friends for years, they say. And Raelynn’s co-writers on the track include Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line), Kane Brown and Corey Crowder, with Crowder producing as well.

“I’ve known Mitchell since I moved into town,” RaeLynn shares. “We’ve had so many fun memories of going down at Printers Alley and singing at the karaoke bar. The first person I thought of who could pull this song off was Mitchell. He added a whole different vibe to this song, his ad-libs are phenomenal, and I think our voices really complement each other.”

“Anytime RaeLynn sends me a song I know it’s going to be good, but this one just knocked me off of my feet!” Tenpenny adds. “The melody was so fun to sing and the groove of the song so infectious. I knew I had to say yes!”

“Get That All the Time” comes off Raelynn’s upcoming Baytown album — her first full-length set — which is due Friday (September 24). Named after her Texas hometown, the set features 14 songs co-written by the “God Made Girls” hitmaker, including previous releases like “Small Town Prayer” and down-home “Only In A Small Town.” She and husband Josh Davis welcomed the birth of their first child, a baby girl named Daisy Rae, earlier this month.