Rascal Flatts Jay DeMarcus Tributes Dad in ‘Music Man’

What a touching way to say farewell.

Written by Chris Parton
Rascal Flatts Jay DeMarcus Tributes Dad in ‘Music Man’
Photo Courtesy of Jay DeMarcus

Rascal Flatts bassist Jay DeMarcus shares a deeply-felt tribute in the new solo track, “Music Man,” expressing just how much his late father meant to his life and career.

Although he passed away on October 29 of last year, DeMarcus is still feeling the presence of his dad, Stanley Wayne DeMarcus, and his new song reflects the huge impact left behind. With a lush, nostalgic sound and the younger DeMarcus singing lead, it describes the influence of a man Jay has described as his “hero,” who gave his love of all things music to his son.

In many ways, the late Stanley even helped make Rascal Flatts possible, since it was his bass playing in a local band that inspired Jay to pick up the instrument. That fact and more are revealed in the touching tribute, as Jay says he was moved to write the song solo just after his father died. He also performed and recorded the track by himself, and a memory filled lyric video features old photos of them both.

“I know that life and love were hard / But you don’t ever have to apologize / For being who you are / Your blood and bones have made me who I am / Music man,” goes the chorus.

“Naturally, losing my father was a huge life altering moment, but being able to sit down at the very piano he taught me on has been so comforting to me,” Jay DeMarcus shares. “The night he passed, I sat down at that piano, and the lyrics to this song just poured over and spilled out of me. Music was such a strong bond between us, it kept us close, while the miles and the years kept us apart. It’s clear to me now that life is never going to be the same after losing a parent, but I’m so grateful for the memories and the legacy he’s passed on to me, and he will forever be my ‘Music Man.’”

On top of the new solo track, Jay DeMarcus has also been busy running his new Christian music record label, Red Street Records, now that Rascal Flatts has announced their retirement. Fellow members Gary LeVox and Joe Don Rooney are also staying active in music, with Rooney focusing on songwriting and LeVox beginning a solo artistic career of his own. What appears to be Rascal Flatts final single, “How They Remember You,” is out now.