Rayne Johnson Captures Born-With-It Confidence for ‘Own It’ Video

Check out the exclusive premiere of this poppy R&B-laced anthem.

Written by Chris Parton
Rayne Johnson Captures Born-With-It Confidence for ‘Own It’ Video

There’s nothing more attractive than confidence, and with the visualizer video for his new track, “Own It,” rising country star Rayne Johnson puts that truth on film.

Premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today (October 5), the clip helps reveal a track all about a girl who was born to break hearts — and also introduces a talent on the verge of a breakout.

Featuring a simple setup, the clip finds Johnson crooning his uptempo country-pop anthem in a retro-themed cafe, and embodying the casual cool his song is all about. With funky guitar strumming, bright R&B beats and Johnson’s squeaky-clean vocal, “Own It” is a suave and stylish and built with an easy-going poise — and delivered with a sly smile.

“Girl you own it, whatever you touch is gold / Everyone knows it, and somehow I get to take you home / And see you slippin’ on your ripped up college T-shirt / Victoria wishes she knew your secret / ‘Cause you just own it,” goes the upbeat chorus.

“We filmed the ‘Own It’ video at a really cool spot in East Nashville called Sid’s Gold Request Room, and it really captures the vibe of the song,” Rayne Johnson sells SLN. “It’s about encouraging confidence in your partner and them owning all the great parts about themselves.” 

Meanwhile, the tune also leads into Johnson’s sophomore recording project, a new EP that arrives on the heels of some impressive independent success.

Working double time with no record label to help him out, the Ohio native took the playful romance of “Front Seat” into the Top 40 of country radio in early 2020 — and that was in between shifts at his full-time job as a railroad technician. “Front Seat” was part of a self-titled EP, and now Johnson’s following up with the Love Drunk or Lonely EP, which arrives Wednesday (October 6).

The set will include “Own It” (written by Marti Lynn Dodson, Chris Rafetto and Kenny Foster), and five more tracks like “Love, Drunk or Lonely” and “Country Up,” as this fresh face truly “owns” his outside-the-box approach.