Reality TV Star Brooke Hogan Goes Country With ‘Love People’

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Written by Chris Parton
Reality TV Star Brooke Hogan Goes Country With ‘Love People’
Brooke Hogan; Photo courtesy of Crank Media

Brooke Hogan — former reality-TV star and daughter of professional wrestling icon Hulk Hogan — is now giving country music a shot, as she unveils her new single “Love People.”

After first finding fame on VH1’s Hogan Knows Best and transitioning into a pop music career, the songstress now turns her attention toward rootsy instruments and a tune full of relatable emotion. Featuring a warm, strong vocal and timeless country pop-sound, “Love People” finds Hogan singing from the pain of a failed romantic, wondering people try to fall in love at all. And according to her, she’s found a natural home in the country sound.

“I really love making guitar-driven music,” she says in a press release. “Exploring the pop and hip hop world was a great experience as a songwriter, but made me appreciate music and the way it’s made even more. With my latest music, I can bring so many elements of myself, past and present, into it and I am really excited to share that with my fans.”

“Love People” was written by country songwriters Palmer Lee, Jason Duke and Hannah Ellis, and engineered by Jason Kingsland. It aims to be part of a full album of country music, which has yet to be titled.

“Why do people have to love people? / Turn and leave and hurt people / Making promises to not keep em / Is it really worth the pain / Wouldn’t it be way safer / If strangers just stayed strangers / A heart could never break, if you don’t give it away / Why do people have to love people?” goes the anguished chorus.

After her time on Hogan Knows Best, Brooke Hogan went on to star in the spin off, Brooke Knows Best. She then pursued a career in pop music, dropping two albums and hitting Number One on the Billboard’s Singles Sales charts with “Everything to Me.” She has since moved to Nashville to start a home design business and work on new music, and recently hosted Amazon’s The Fashion Hero.