Riley Green Enlists Fans to Help Shoot ‘There Was This Girl’ Video

The first verse for "There Was This Girl" by Riley Green was inspired by a conversation about women and the 1980's classic movie Footloose.

Written by Annie Reuter
Riley Green Enlists Fans to Help Shoot ‘There Was This Girl’ Video
Riley Green; Photo Courtesy of BMLG Records

Riley Green headed back home to Alabama to film the music video for his latest single, “There Was This Girl.” Directed by Peter Zavadil, the video includes an intimate club performance which highlights Green’s energetic live shows.

In the opening scene, Green assures someone on the phone that his music video shoot is under control. But once he’s handed an old school camera he’s not so sure, so he asks fans to help out. The performance-heavy video sees Green singing his current single as his die-hard fans assist on the shoot while holding up their own video cameras throughout the venue. The additional cameras help to capture every angle of his set.

Green co-wrote the infectious “There Was This Girl” with Erik Dylan. The song details how often a girl is to blame when it comes to some of the stupid things boys do.

“We sat down one day in Nashville and started talking about all the dumbest things that we’ve done in our lives and we kept coming up with the same excuse — there was this girl,” Green tells Sounds Like Nashville ahead of a recent performance in Nashville. “I like conversational titles like that, so we started writing a song.”

As Green explains, the idea for the  first verse came from a scene in the 1984 film Footloose starring Kevin Bacon.

“In my head, I remember picturing that movie Footloose when Kevin Bacon was playing chicken on the tractor trying to impress the girl. That was where, ‘Never knew my old man’s truck could run like that,’ [came from]. I was picturing a couple guys racing trucks down the road trying to impress some girl. That was the imagery in that line of the song.”

Crediting Dylan as “a great writer,” Green says his songwriting partner gave additional insight to the song’s storyline and helped it become what fans are now hearing on the radio.

“We wrote the song and when we started trying to pick the single it just kept raising its hand as the obvious choice,” he adds.

Green’s “There Was This Girl” is at radio now. His Outlaws Like Us Tour continues through December.