Ross Ellis Thanks His Lucky Stars in Romantic ‘Love Blind’

True love can make you want to be a better man.

Written by Chris Parton
Ross Ellis Thanks His Lucky Stars in Romantic ‘Love Blind’
Ross Ellis; Cover art courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Newcomer Ross Ellis taps into the transformative power of romance in the new track, “Love Blind,” a meditative anthem to becoming a better man.

Written by Ellis alongside Zach Kale and Allison Veltz Cruz, the faith-filled track was inspired by the Louisiana native’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Brittany — all about the good man she sees, and the man Ellis strives to be. But with gracious lyrics and a string-laden, symphony-epic sound, it’s not just about being thankful for a woman’s ability to overlook her guy’s shortcomings. It’s about wanting fix those shortcomings all together.

“This song is a prayer from my heart,” Ellis admits. “A prayer that I can be the man the woman I love sees when she looks at me. I want to be the best version of myself for her and for me. That’s what ‘Love Blind’ is all about.”

Tell all your angels / To work overtime / Stay on both shoulders / And keep me in line / You walked on water / And turned it to wine / So Lord make me better / And keep her love blind,” goes the deep thinking hook.

Ellis recently hit Number One on SiriusXM’s The Highway with “Buy and Buy,” and dropped his first major label release, “Home to Me,” in February.