Runaway June Start a Whole New Chapter With ‘We Were Rich’

Check out this nostalgic standout and the first track featuring new member Natlie Stovall.

Runaway June Start a Whole New Chapter With ‘We Were Rich’
Runaway June; Photo Credit: CeCe Dawson

Runaway June start a brand new era with their next single, “We Were Rich,” looking back to the good-old days even as they move toward a new chapter.

All about the idea that money can’t buy everything, and sometimes the most precious things are free, “We Were Rich” is a nostalgic standout and the first track released since the May departure of founding member Hannah Mulholland. Newly revised to include the emotive fiddle mastery of new trio member, Natalie Stovall, the track is still bathed in stunning three part harmony — but now points to an exciting new future.

“‘We Were Rich’ is probably our favorite song on the record and it’s been a long time coming, this one being a single,” says the band’s Naomi Cooke. “We are so excited to finally be able to say that. It is a song about your childhood or your adolescence. It’s nostalgia reminiscing about back before you knew anything was wrong in the world, back before when you thought you had it all.”

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Three years ago we sat in a small room at our label in what our industry calls a “pitch meeting” where publishers from all over music row sit down with you and play you songs that their songwriters have written in hopes that you find one that helps you finish your project. We have heard some of the most INCREDIBLE songs in those meetings and learned so much about songwriting and the different artists and writers that make our genre what it is. But sometimes those meetings can feel a lot like being in a perfume store; where after a little while everything smells the same and you can’t smell anything anymore. At the end of this meeting (with somewhat dull senses) we heard “We Were Rich”. Before the first verse was finished our eyes were brimming with tears and we were jolted back in time to squirming around on a church pew. Imaginations were vivid and maybe the only worry you had was a flat bicycle tire. The power that music has to heal, to transport, to give courage or bring back visceral memories is some of the most potent medicine we can ever experience and this song has done that over and over again. Our dream now is to share that experience with you all with our brand new single “We Were Rich”. Thank you @nicatnitemusic @rosscopperman , Ashley Gorley for this pure piece of classic country music & for letting us take it into the world. #wewererich

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“Rich / We didn’t have it all but we all we thought we did / And Mama always said that we were blessed and I believed her / Never thought the grass was greener / On the other side of our old chain link fence / Yeah we were rich,” goes the warm-and-fuzzy hook.

Written by Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon and Ashley Gorley, “We Were Rich” comes from the band’s 2019 album, Blue Roses. It follows their sharp-eyed single, “Buy My Own Drinks,” and looking ahead, the newly-reborn band plan to work on a Christmas album and all-new music.