Ryan Griffin Reflects On True Contentment And Blessings With ‘One Prayer Left’

Griffin is leading with a thankful heart.

Written by Jeremy Chua
Ryan Griffin Reflects On True Contentment And Blessings With ‘One Prayer Left’
Ryan Griffin; Photo credit: David Bradley

Ryan Griffin has released “One Prayer Left,” a pensive new song he penned with frequent collaborators Cameron Bedell, Jason Massey, and Thomas Finchum. 

The mid-tempo ballad invites listeners to hit pause, reflect on the important things in life, and what they’d thank God for if they were left with just one prayer. It opens with Griffin singing about the material things he typically finds himself yearning for, before realizing the most significant gem that he (actually) already has.

“If I only had one prayer left, I wouldn’t ask for a thing / I wouldn’t waste my breath, ’cause the one thing I need / Is right here staring at me, so I know just what I’d do / If I only had one prayer left, I’d thank God for you,” the singer confesses in the diary entry-like chorus. 

“I often get my wants mixed up with my needs,” the Altadena/Warner Music Nashville artist shared in a statement. “I ask for more rather than being thankful. ‘One Prayer Left’ is a reminder to myself to lead with a grateful heart and to appreciate the everyday blessings that are so easily overlooked.”

The song dropped alongside a concept video, which captures Griffin singing the tune against lush greenery and a majestic sunset.

“One Prayer Left” follows previously-released songs “Right Here Right Now,” “Name On It,” and “Going Going Gone”—which has been featured and played on Sirius XM’s On The Horizon show with Buzz Brainard. Earlier in March, the soon-to-be father of two also announced that his family is expecting a baby boy.

What’s one thing you’re grateful for if you had “One Prayer Left?” Listen to Ryan Griffin’s reflective new song and decide.