Ryan Hurd Goes Garage Rocker for ‘Every Other Memory’ Video

He goes back to where every musician gets their start.

Written by Chris Parton
Ryan Hurd Goes Garage Rocker for ‘Every Other Memory’ Video
Ryan Hurd; Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Ryan Hurd gets back to his musical roots in the garage-rocking video for his current single, “Every Other Memory.”

Co-written by the rising star with Nathan Spicer and Cole Taylor, the track’s “rock and roll vibes” and nostalgic emotional center made a video about every musician’s first stage a perfect fit. Hurd ultimately hired director Nicki Fletcher and the team came up with a visual stunner, tapping into Hurd’s own oil-stained, rock-star dreams.

“This is my favorite video that I’ve ever been a part of,” said Hurd. “I felt like a kid again, just playing music with my friends. I hope everyone that sees the ‘Every Other Memory’ video feels like they are watching their favorite rock band from high school again.”

The emerging singer-songwriter, who is married to fellow country star Maren Morris and put out his Platonic EP in 2019, explained more about the video and his artistic approach in a fashion-forward spread for Vulkan Magazine.

“I’ve done videos in the past where I let the creative people sort of take the reins in all of the planning and then the end product might not be something that I ever envisioned or maybe didn’t fit the song like I had hoped,” Ryan Hurd admitted. “This one I spoke my piece into existence and then let my team go build it. I don’t think I ever even looked at a mood board, I just knew that they heard me, and I trusted that they would execute it and my director Nicki Fletcher knocked it out of the park.”