Ryan Hurd Shares His ‘Wish For The World’ in New Tour Video

The superstar singer-songwriter shares a positive message in his new video.

Written by Drew Pearce
Ryan Hurd Shares His ‘Wish For The World’ in New Tour Video
Ryan Hurd; Photo Credit: Courtesy RCA Nashville

In an effort to raise the spirits of fans and the music community, country star Ryan Hurd shared a tour video for standout track “Wish For The World.”

The clip, which dropped on Tuesday amidst all the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, begins with Hurd and his band getting ready for a performance. It then jumps right into a montage of the singer-songwriter performing at various stops on his Platonic Tour with some behind-the-scenes footage mixed in.

When it really comes down to it / If just one wish could come true / I wish for everyone could find someone to love like I love you,” Hurd sings in the chorus, giving listeners some uplifting and positive words of encouragement.

The Michigan native also hung out with fans and answered their burning questions during the video’s premiere on YouTube. He chose the introspective song as the clip’s soundtrack because of the special tour memories attached to it.

“We closed every show on the Platonic Tour with ‘Wish for the World.’ It was one of my favorite moments from on stage, and something special to experience with each audience,” Hurd explained. “Given what the world is experiencing right now, the song has taken on a new meaning, and I wanted to share some of the love, friendship, and happiness we got to witness and absorb each night with anyone who needs a little more of it right now.”