Sacha Owns Her Truth on New EP, ‘We Did’

It features the powerful and empowering ballad, “Pretty Please.”

Written by Jeremy Chua
Sacha Owns Her Truth on New EP, ‘We Did’
Sacha; Photo Credit: Jen Squires

Breakout country singer/songwriter SACHA has released her new EP, We Did. Out now, the four-track project proudly displays the Canadian’s powerful vocals, ear for well-written songs.

The EP opens with its title track, which is a thunderous ode to lasting romance and the freedom it entails true love entails.

“Whatever we wanted didn’t we baby / Fall like lovers and love like crazy / We didn’t know any better / Wouldn’t care if we did / Didn’t know we had forever but we did,” SACHA declares in the high-energy track, layered with anthemic drums and banjo strums.

Of the track, the singer says it “has this T-Swift, fall hard, first love, shot to the heart, nostalgic, energy to it,” adding that “it’s the type of music [she’s] always wanted to release.”

While all four tunes on the EP are welcome additions to any country playlist, “Pretty Please” is the indisputable crown jewel. 

Written by Madison Kozak, Claire Douglas and Joseph Patton, the poignant ballad offers an honest reflection on the sometimes insurmountable and unrealistic expectations women face. Blown out of proportion, words from naysayers and society at large can have a debilitating impact on one’s confidence – and the lyrics candidly chronicle that.

“Wouldn’t it be something if we saw the best in ourselves? / How hard can it be to tell those demons to go to hell? / What if I shut out the noise, believe my best friend and the boy and my own voice that’s trying to tell me,” SACHA ponders on the bridge, before soaring on the empowering final chorus. 

“I’m pretty strong, and pretty sweet / I’m pretty smart but it ain’t what makes me, me /All the stupid billboards and magazines / Don’t make yourself believe you’re not pretty, please,” she now sings with renewed self-confidence. 

“I love the fact that storytelling is the foundation of country music and that I have been given the opportunity to tell mine with this new music,” SACHA says of her brand-new release. “With these new tracks, I can’t help but feel I’m releasing music that speaks to who I am, which is a new feeling for me. I’m so excited for everyone to hear it.”

Named as one of Sounds Like Nashville’s 2022 Artists to Watch, Sacha’s latest offering follows her 2020 EP, The Best Thing. The six-song set included “Standards,”  which has amassed 10 million global streams to date.

Following the earlier-released EP, Sacha also collaborated with country duo The Reklaws on their TikTok smash, “What The Truck,” in 2021. The song, which is also included in her We Did EP, is her first Gold-certified song and the fastest-ever Canadian country song to go gold in the streaming era in under 16 weeks. 

“The last year has seen so much of my work come to fruition,” SACHA reflects. “Over the years I’ve knocked on doors that never opened, but one YES changed everything and now, because of that, I’m standing smack dab in the middle of my wildest dreams coming true.”

She continues, “I hope as I share more of my story and music I can be living proof to anyone who has a dream and can’t possibly fathom how it will become a reality that it IS possible, as long as you believe, work hard and don’t quit.”

With no signs of slowing down, SACHA is currently featured on Spotify’s RADAR Canada Artist for the month of February. Later this year the rising star is also slated to join Maddie & Tae on their CMT Next Women of Country Tour Presents: All Song No Static Tour.

While you wait to catch SACHA live, listen to her new We Did EP here.

We Did Track List
1. “We Did” (Brad Rempel, Ben Stennis) 
2. “Pretty Please” (Claire Douglas, Madison Kozak, Joseph Patton) 
3. “What The Truck” with  The Reklaws (Stuart Walker, Jenna Walker, Callum Maudsley, SACHA)
4. “If I Wanted Wine” (Bobby Hamrick, Emily Reid)