Grab the Tissues for Seth Ennis’ Marine-Inspired ‘Call Your Mama’ Video

Seth Ennis' "Call Your Mama" already pushes the emotional envelope, but he didn't stop there as the accompanying video is just as touching.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Grab the Tissues for Seth Ennis’ Marine-Inspired ‘Call Your Mama’ Video
Seth Ennis; Photo via YouTube

With a song as poignant as “Call Your Mama” Seth Ennis was bound to push the emotional boundaries for the accompanying music video. Directed by Justin Clough, the clip follows a young boy as he grows and matures into a man with dreams of joining the United States Marine Corps.

The clip features flashbacks of his relationship with his mother, who supports her son through it all, whether they include baseball with friends, attending a high school dance or eventually enlisting in the military.

The concept for the emotional clip was inspired by Ennis’ own father, who is a retired Air Force pilot. Ennis’ mother (and muse) also appears in the heartfelt video.

“I was very mindful about the concept and wanted a powerful story behind this video,” explained Ennis in a press relesae. “I wanted something as moving and emotionally charged as all of the incredible messages fans have sent to me since the release of the song. Personally having been raised in a military family, this idea felt perfect to visually represent everything the song represents.”

The clip concludes with a somber military funeral, but with a twist you might not see coming.

A familiar face also appears in the clip as the young Marine. That face belongs to Lauren Alaina’s fiancé Alex Hopkins, who called the video “one of my favorite projects I’ve ever been a part of.”

“It was an absolute honor to wear the Marines’ dress blues. To all of the marines out there, know that I wore this uniform with absolute pride and respect. Thank you all for your service to our great country,” he shared in a post to Instagram from the filming.

Since its release Ennis has received countless messages from people around the world to share in the impact and message of the tune. The message was touching enough to capture the attention of Little Big Town, who provide background vocals on the track.

Check out the music video for “Call Your Mama” above.