Tigirlily Keep Their Eyes On the Prize in Bouncy Anthem, ‘My Thang’

This fresh faced sister duo is starting with a playful jam!

Written by Chris Parton
Tigirlily Keep Their Eyes On the Prize in Bouncy Anthem, ‘My Thang’
Tigirlily (L-R): Kendra Slaubaugh , Krista Slaubaugh; Photo Credit: Jared Olson

Sister duo Tigirlily keep their eyes on the prize in the bouncy new anthem, “My Thang,” introducing themselves with a playful blast of young-country energy.

An effervescent tribute to making your own way in the world (whatever that means and however hard it may be) the track features bright sister harmonies, twangy guitars with a hint of pop punk attitude, speaks to the bumpy road that is learning to adult. Capturing the excitement and struggle of your 20s in one song (and sometimes one breath), the sisters know that sometimes you’re flush, sometimes you’re broke. But you’ll be alright in the end, if you keep following your heart.

The band’s Kendra and Krista have both learned that lesson, since even though they’re new, they’ve got some big-name backers. “My Thang” was written by the sisters with quirky-country favorite Walker Hayes, and produced by Grammy winner Shane McAnally with Louis Newman.

“We wrote ‘My Thang’ as a reminder to ourselves that no matter what life throws our way, we’re going to be alright if we just keep “doin’ our thang,” says the duo. “This song is everything we’ve experienced in our lives, especially in the last year. From ‘barely making rent’ to ‘killing it at work,’ from ‘swiping on tinder’ to being ‘swept off our feet,’ from feeling like ‘oh no’ to ‘it’s gonna be a good day.’ Life is supposed to be full of ups and downs, it’s how we learn, so we should just enjoy and keep doing our thang.” 

“Imma keep doing my thang / Come shine, come rain / Whatever the weather / Imma keep doing my thang / Come love, come pain / Never or forever / You know it don’t really matter / If you like it or not / I’m heading somewhere / I don’t really like to fake it, a lot / You do you and I’ll do me / Whatever that means / Imma keep doing my thang,” goes the upbeat chorus.

“My Thang” follows the new duo’s “Somebody Does,” which was released in February and hit the top of both iTunes country and all-genre songs charts. After that success, Tigirlily signed a recording contract with Monument Records. Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh are natives of North Dakota, and they plan to keep releasing new music all year.