Steve Holy Returns After 10 Years With ‘A Christmas To Remember’

He also reveals some of his favorite country artists today!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Steve Holy Returns After 10 Years With ‘A Christmas To Remember’

2000’s country star Steve Holy has been largely out of the spotlight for close to a decade. The “Brand New Girlfriend” singer released his last full-length album, Love Don’t Run, in 2011. What has he been busy with? Just fulfilling parental duties and enjoying being a dad to his two lovely daughters. Thankfully for fans, the wait for new Holy music is over this festive season with the release of his holiday album, A Christmas to Remember

Out now, the 10-song set features nine of Holy’s all-time favorite yuletide tunes and one original song. Instead of doing a complete reinvention of the classics, the singer sticks to the nostalgic melodies listeners are familiar with on songs like “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Here Comes Santa Claus,” and “Holly Jolly Christmas,” bolstered by Holy’s much-missed vocal delivery.

While the acoustic-leaning “A Christmas to Remember” is the sole new song, it sure sounds like a holiday tune that’s been around for ages. “Hello, my friends, glad to see you all again / Christmas comes sooner each year / I’m the first to admit, sometimes I forget / How lucky we are to be here,” Holy sings in the opening verse as he serves up his long-awaited Mister Rogers-like greeting.

Sounds Like Nashville spoke with Holy about his decision to step away from music for the last decade, returning with A Christmas To Remember, his favorite country singers today, and of course, whether fans can expect a new album of original music soon. Here’s a hint: the answer might be a favorable one…

How has life been since your last album over 10 years ago? What has Steve Holy been busy with?

My life over the last 10 years has been devoted to my 13 and 11-year-old daughters, Ava and Ella. It was difficult to leave them as toddlers and head out on tour, just knowing I was missing out on so much, but I think I’ve made up for the time we lost by being involved in every aspect of their lives over the last decade. I’ve so enjoyed watching them grow into the amazing young women they’re becoming. 

What made this year the perfect time for your long-awaited return to music?

Now that my girls are older and can actually understand what a career as a musician entails, they have become my biggest cheerleaders. I never stopped missing the music part of my life, but I would have missed my girls more, had I not taken this break over the past few years. Just knowing I have their full support to jump back into it has made my decision so much easier. 

Who are some of today’s country artists that you’re really liking?

I really like what Luke Combs is doing, but the one artist that I’m really looking forward to hearing more music from is Ingrid Andress – that girl has a voice!

With Christmas music, you had a whole plethora of yuletide tunes to choose from. What made you go with the 10 on A Christmas To Remember?

These particular 10 songs just so happen to be the very top of the list of my favorite Christmas tunes, so it was an easy choice. Once we put them all together, they ended up being the perfect combination of uptempo singalongs and smooth, slow ballads – almost like it was meant to be.

If you had to pick a favorite Christmas song (on this record or otherwise), which one would it be, and why?

When we were searching for the perfect 10th song, Sam Hunter (who played several instruments on the record), broke into an original song, and it instantly became my favorite Christmas song of all time. It felt like a song I’ve heard my whole life. Spoiler alert: That song became the title track of the album… “A Christmas to Remember.”

What does Christmas with the Holy’s typically look like?

Coming from such a large family and having a father who’s birthday was Dec 24th, we typically had 20 people in our house that night. As my seven siblings grew up and had families of their own, our Christmases continued to grow, and now, with close to 50 family members, our Christmas is more fun than ever. There’s never a dull moment, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What can fans expect from you in 2022? Is the Christmas album indicative of a potential full-time return with new music? 

I have every intention of recording another record in the first quarter of 2022, and after getting back in the studio with this Christmas record, it feels like I’m back home again. It’s time.

Stream and purchase Steve Holy’s A Christmas to Remember here.