Sugarland Confirms New Music, 2018 Tour in First Interview Since Reunion

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush officially came on the record to tell fans that they would be hitting the road in 2018 to promote their new forthcoming music.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Sugarland Confirms New Music, 2018 Tour in First Interview Since Reunion
Sugarland; Photo via Facebook

Sugarland fans have a lot to celebrate following the duo’s massive reunion as 2018 looks like it’s about to become their year.

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush showed up to hang out on The Bobby Bones Show on Tuesday morning (Dec. 5) as their first interview since announcing their big news of getting back together. The first thought on everyone’s mind was confirmed by the two when they told the radio host on air that they would indeed be coming to cities everywhere to promote their brand new music they’ve been working on as a part of a tour for next year.

“We’re going on tour, guys! 2018! There’s going to be new music and new live shows,” Nettles confirmed happily before joking that she can get the hook-up for free tickets to give to host Bobby Bones.

The pair also discussed how secret their announcement during the CMA Awards actually was, all the way to the point where they didn’t attend any rehearsals and walked through a secret tunnel just moments before they came on stage so no one suspected a thing.

“It was extreme lockdown,” explained Nettles. “Like no rehearsals for the copy for the day before, no script for the day before, nothing was mentioned anywhere. We didn’t show up for any of it. Nobody was able to say it. We drove up right before we got up on stage, got out of the car literally in the secret tunnel that I also did not know existed and then walked back off and off to the car, and away we went.”

Bones also pondered upon the question of how the two got back together to restart their Sugarland days, in which Nettles candidly responded that the doors never shut on their glory days from being a duo and they wanted to channel those moments yet again.

“It’s not a big ‘a-ha’ moment. But I think the reality is, is we never closed the door. We never said like, ‘We’re breaking up forever!’ We said, ‘Guys, we’re gonna go do other things.’ So when you don’t close a door, you can walk back through it,” she reasoned.

No word yet on when Sugarland will release their new music or tour dates, but fans can stick to checking their social pages for the latest updates.