Sugarland and Taylor Swift Debut ‘Mad Men’-Inspired ‘Babe’ Video

The video is so glamorous! 

Sugarland and Taylor Swift Debut ‘Mad Men’-Inspired ‘Babe’ Video
Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles; Photo via Instagram

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and Taylor Swift are at odds in the cinematic video for their collaborative effort, “Babe.” The clip, which debuted Saturday night (6/9), features Nettles discovering that her her husband, played by Brandon Routh, has taken up an extra-marital affair with a redheaded woman from work, played by Swift.

As Nettles sings of her lost love, scenes play of her life at home with her ex, intermixed with scenes of the aftermath as she eats dinner alone. Meanwhile, the man in question is biding his time with the other woman while out for a night on the town before he returns home to see he’s been locked out of his extravagant abode.

Sugarland was approached by Swift with the song when the singer/songwriter learned the duo would be reuniting for a new album.

“We started out together with Taylor around the same time, except she was 15 and we were not 15. But not far!” Nettles recently joked at a tour rehearsal in Nashville, TN. “At the time we had a little unsigned EP that she still has that we autographed for her. We’ve been mutual fans and admirers of each other. When she heard we were getting back together she was excited and said that she had a song and would we be interested in it. We said, ‘Yes, of course!’ and wanted to do it the most justice and recorded it. She loved it when she heard it and wanted to be a part of it.”

The song marked the first time Nettles and duo-partner Kristian Bush had cut a song they had not written themselves.

“We’ve never put someone else’s song on a Sugarland record, but we were immediately interested in ‘Babe’ the first time we heard it!” said Nettles of the song. “This one really felt like it belonged so we saved it for the final afternoon of our recording session; a special time for us.”

“We didn’t tell anybody about it until we got finished and she liked it, thank God, ‘cause it’s a good song,” added Bush.

Sugarland have taken the tune out on the road as they embarked on their Still The Same Tour. The duo also recently released their first project in five years, Bigger.