Taylor Acorn Waves a Flag for Small Town Summers in ‘Red White’

Her propulsive new single premieres on 'Sounds Like Nashville' today.

Written by Chris Parton
Taylor Acorn Waves a Flag for Small Town Summers in ‘Red White’
Taylor Acorn; Photo credit: Mackenzie Maroney

Promising newcomer Taylor Acorn captures the essence of a small town summer in her new track, “Red White,” premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today.

A propulsive anthem dedicated to fast days you can never get back — and that you’ll never forget — it shows off the 26-year-old’s crisp vocals and songwriting prowess, as she co-wrote the relatable jam with collaborator Reid Isbell. With a rocking beat and nostalgic steel guitars sweeping gently through the background, the track evokes vivid memories of a teenaged season that could have taken place in any number of nowhere towns across the country … but this story is authentically Acorn’s.

“I grew up in a small town that had a McDonalds and three stop lights,” she says of the song. “There was nothing to do, but that never stopped us from having fun. All we needed to make memories was good company. This song is so nostalgic for me because it captures some of my favorite summer-time memories in that small town. It’s about enjoying what you have, right now, right where you are. It truly is my summer anthem, and I have a feeling it will be that for other people, too.”

Listening to the track, you can almost feel Acorn’s whole heart smile as those long-gone days come flooding back.

“Bonfire, burning, up that Southern sky / We were just backroad, barefoot, dancing in the KC lights / Holding our own here in this small town / Living it up while we were throwing it down / In that red, white, cut off, blue jean summer, yeah,” goes the singalong chorus.

Taylor Acorn; Photo credit: Mackenzie Maroney
Taylor Acorn; Photo credit: Mackenzie Maroney

“I’m in a season where I am just focused on enjoying my life and living in the moment, so that’s what this song is about,” she explains. “It’s light and fun and that’s exactly what we were going for when we wrote it.” 

A native of Pennsylvania who spent time in Virginia and now resides in Nashville, Acorn released her debut EP, Put It In a Song, in 2017. It has since pulled in 19 million streams and landed on Spotify’s Viral Hits in Canada, as well as the streaming service’s New Boots and All About Country playlists. Meanwhile, she’s been named an artist to watch by Billboard, CMT and Pandora, and has shared the stage with artists like Dustin Lynch and Old Dominion.

“Red White” comes out official today, and you can get your hands on it here:



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