Taylor Swift Shares Preview of Re-Recorded ‘Love Story’

What do you think of the new version?

Written by Chris Parton
Taylor Swift Shares Preview of Re-Recorded ‘Love Story’
Taylor Swift; Photo credit: Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift is in the process of re-recording all of her early work, and the superstar has today (December 2) shared a preview of her new “Love Story.”

The re-recording project is in response to Swift’s former record label selling the rights to her songs against her wishes, and while she cautions that her new-old music is not done yet, fans can get an idea in a new commercial.

Sharing the hilarious clip on her Twitter feed, Swift shouted out her friend and Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, who apparently asked to use “Love Story” in devilishly deranged ad. It plays on the hellish year we’ve all had by imagining Satan himself hooking up with 2020 through a fictional dating app, and Swift’s romantic anthem serves as the sound track.

The devil and 2020 spend a little over a minute in classic rom-com style, picnicking in an empty football stadium, catching a movie in an empty theater and watching a series of fireballs fall from the heavens, all while wishing their time together would never end. But most interesting to fans is how Swift’s freshly re-recorded hit sounds.

The original “Love Story” came out in 2008 as the first single from her second album, Fearless, back when Taylor Swift was still firmly a “country artist.” That was 12 years ago and she’s grown a lot as an artist since then, with a vocal presence that has matured and become much stronger over the years. But the new version of “Love Story” does an impressive job of replicating her early style. The section used comes from the end of the song, and other than sounding a little crisper, you might think it was still the original version if you didn’t know better — which seems likely to be Swift’s ultimate goal.

What do you think, how does the new version of “Love Story” compare? And just as important, will you choose to play it instead of the original?