Teddy Robb Continues To Carve Out His Own Lane With ‘Me On You’

Robb experiences the highs of lovesickness in his new song.

Teddy Robb Continues To Carve Out His Own Lane With ‘Me On You’
Teddy Robb; Photo credit: Rachel Deeb

Monument Records artist Teddy Rob released his new song, “Me On You,” on Friday, March 20th. Written by Ryan Beaver and Deric Ruttan, the song tells the story of a man who, to his friends and acquaintances, seems to be unraveling, but in reality, he’s simply “high” on a love interest. 

“It’s kind of about this guy that, his friends are wondering how he’s doing, he’s not been sleeping, his eyes are red, they think that he’s kind of going through it if you will, but the whole time he’s been kind of messed up over a girl,” says Robb in an exclusive interview with Sounds Like Nashville. 

“All this need a hit, can’t quit, looking for the next fix fool I’ve turned into / That’s just me, me on you,” he sings in the chorus. 

While Robb didn’t have a hand in writing the tune, he says he immediately fell in love with it upon hearing it. One of the reasons Robb gravitated to the song was its use of witty lyrics, which is also one of the reasons he chose to record his debut single, “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You.” 

“I love hearing lyrics that aren’t common,” he says. “I feel like when I heard [‘Me On You’] it just sounded completely original. Just like when I heard the line ‘gin and platonic’ in ‘Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You,’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s so smart and so unique and witty.’ Those kinds of things catch my ear, and whether I’m a writer on one or not, I just love great songs.” 

The song’s lyrics are paired with a smooth and upbeat production, which was executed with the help of producers Matt McGinn, Ben Fowler, and Shane McAnally. The finished product, which features electric guitar, a forward-moving beat and an echo of twang, is a musical style that is unique to Robb and one that allows him to continue carving out his own place in country music. 

“It almost feels like we’re creating our own sound right now because there are all kinds of different directions you can take with production,” says Robb. “You can make things sound really pop or really organic or whatever certain people’s vision may be. When I hear the production of ‘Me On You,’ I hear something that’s original, and I really hope that fans and music lovers hear it and hear the real quality of what this song is, the production of it.” 

“Me On You” joins a handful of tracks Robb has released in the past couple of years, including “Lead Me On,” “Tell Me How,” and his first official single, “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You.”