Tenille Townes Releases Inspiring “Girl Who Didn’t Care” Video

Tenille Townes Releases Inspiring “Girl Who Didn’t Care” Video
Tenille Townes Girl Who Didnt Care: Tenille Townes Girl Who Didnt Care BTS

The new video for Tenille Townes’ single, “Girl Who Didn’t Care,” released July 28th and is a prime example of the songs that the singer/songwriter has been writing the past year.

While Townes has always written story songs, she says her more recent creations have been about keeping those dreams alive that we’ve all had since childhood. The song, written by Townes, David Pramik and Steph Jones, and the video, is an inspirational message to young girls, encouraging them to chase those dreams they have in their heart. While she wrote it specifically for young girls, it is a message that can ring true with anyone who has a dream they continue to strive for.

“I think that is a very big part of my writing process, and this song in particular,” she says. “I was doing a lot of walking outside, putting one foot in front of other, and I was noticing the chalk masterpieces (on the sidewalks), I was hearing kids laughing in their back yards or throwing the basketball around. Those sounds felt super nostalgic to me, and got me thinking about where our courage came from, before the world tells us what we can or can’t do.  There is a sweet spot for that relentless courage if you have a moment in your life that carries you through.

“I feel grateful to have been encouraged during that sweet spot in my life and to be able to remember that little girl who dreamed of singing on stage. I think about her a lot, looking for more of that courage in my life right now. I think just capturing this perspective so much to learn from about the way kids see the world. We need to learn from that.”

Townes admits that being able to write music has kept her sane and kept her mind and heart in a healthier place over the past year. “My favorite place is to zoom out and write from storyteller perspective, and this last year has challenged me. These songs are coming out more personal this time around and have brought healing to me in as I share the things in my own heart. I hope this chapter is an indication for people to represent that too. I felt like I was on a new horizon, with songs connected by the way light gets in the cracks. My songs are reflective of all of this and I can’t wait to share more of the new songs with my fans.”

While she is opening up more in her songs, reaching deep inside to reveal some very personal feelings, Townes admits she has thought about being that honest with people who hear her music.

“My writing is very spiritual to me. You can’t change it if you write about the past. But it has crossed my mind (about opening up) because some of my newer songs are very personal. But it is also awesome to know you are the not the only one to feel a certain way and it’s a comfort to share these feelings.”

The Canadian native says she had a voice in the making of the video, from its beginning to end. “It has been exciting for me to create a video that shows the power of dreamers,” the singer says. “It shows the younger version of ourselves, when we believed anything was possible,” she goes on to explain. “It was just so cool to include these women who have followed their dreams in real life. All three of the women in the video were incredible in making their dream happen. I got to be on the set and followed the little girls around and then watched it come to life on video. I can’t wait for people to be inspired and know their dream is possible too.”

The women Townes featured in the video include Alyssa Carson, who told her father when she was three that she wanted to go to Mars. She has been selected as one of seven ambassadors representing Mars One, a mission to establish a human colony on Mars in 2030.

Sarah Fuller is a goalie for the University of North Texas women’s soccer team. She is also the first woman to play and score points in a Power Five College Football game. She is getting her Masters Degree in Sports Management and plans to continue to blaze a trail and open doors for female athletes.

Shannon Wells grew up in a military family and because of her grandfather’s stories she was inspired to get involved in public service. When she was training to be a firefighter in Nashville, she was one of two females in her class. She continues to be passionate about giving back to the community.

The video depicts these women as children and shows how they followed their dream to where they are today. Townes has met and talked with each of the women and is inspired by their stories. She hopes the video will inspire others to follow their dreams.

“It is the most overwhelming feeling when you can those young girls (portrayed by actors) standing on their chairs and being excited about each of their dreams. It takes me back to that age, and driving to a concert and being so excited to see that particular entertainer and thinking ‘That is what I want to do some day.’ There is something so powerful about actually getting to see someone and thinking ‘If they can do it why can’t I?’ It is an honor to think I might be an inspiration to young girls and hoping the power of this video will inspire them to make it happen.”

Townes has gone off the stage to reach out to young girls in different communities where she has performed, visiting with Girl Scout groups and other organizations to speak and inspire these young people on a more intimate basis.  There was one girl in particular who has stayed on her mind and who she talks to occasionally to offer continued encouragement.

“There was a young girl who came to my show in Dallas. Pippa was full of spirit, and I loved getting to hug her and talk to her. The joy was exploding out of her when we met in the meet and greet line and we have crossed paths in so many different ways since then. She is 9 or 10, she is so beautiful and awesome. We have done some facetime calls during the pandemic year. I sent her a note that this song was coming out and she was someone I was thinking about during the whole process of it.”

While Townes is a hero to a new generation today, she remembers the people who were an inspiration to her and who gave her encouragement. “Shania (Twain), Martina (McBride) and the Chicks (Dixie Chicks) were a huge influence to me. Then growing up I had a lot of strong fiercely independent women and the support of women in my life. They all believed in anything is possible, so to have those women in my life helped me lay the foundation for my belief in you can do anything. As I tell my stories their truths are a part of them too.”

There is a video floating around of Townes when she was nine, and she says looking back, she would tell that young girl thank you for believing in your dream. “I would not be here doing what I am now without her feisty courage. It’s surreal to think about that. You think about something, you see an outline and then in real life you see it colored in. I would tell her she is awesome.”

 Townes is continuing her dream this year as she opens for Brothers Osborne on their “We’re Not For Everyone” tour. “It’s amazing. I know we’ve been longing for that and being able to look out on the audience and see the look on everybody’s faces out there. And seeing people sing along with my record (The Lemonade Stand) that we haven’t had chance to tour since it was released a year ago.

“Getting ready for the Brothers Osborne tour is a great feeling, and I can’t wait to be out there. Those guys are amazing, and I’ll get to see their show and meet their audience and see more people singing along to those songs. It’s a beautiful feeling and I can’t wait to get out there. My heart is so excited and I weep thinking how grateful I am to be part of tour.”