The Reklaws Celebrate Country Life in ‘Where I’m From’

See how this brother-sister duo grew up in the heartwarming video.

The Reklaws Celebrate Country Life in ‘Where I’m From’
The Reklaws; Photo credit: Ryan Nolan

Brother-sister duo The Reklaws wax nostalgic in their new single, “Where I’m From,” celebrating the beautiful nowhere-villes that make up a well-lived life.

Filled with sunset-country sonics and the blood-harmony blend of voices raised under one roof in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, the heartwarming track will make you want to call up your family and reminisce — and that’s exactly what the duo’s Jenna and Stuart Walker say they were going for.

“The inspiration behind the song was our story! We knew that every person is shaped by where they come from and we’re no different,” the duo says. “Young or old we each have their own unique ‘Where I’m From.’ It’s all the small things that surround you that make you who you are … like the small town you grew up in, the people who raised you, and all the little things in between. We hope that people take this song and make it their own. We also hope they can relate to it and catch that warm-fuzzy feeling from reminiscing where they came from!”

Still early in their career, the Reklaws are already multiple Canadian Country Music Association award winners and have now secured a nomination for Group of the Year at the 2020 Juno Awards — the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys — the first time in over 20 years that a country group has appeared in the all-genre category. And with the humble-yet-proud track’s video, they show just how far they’ve come. It’s packed with home movies of the siblings’ childhood, proving without a doubt they were born for the role they’re currently in.

“This video is something we are so excited for the world to see,” the duo share. “We have watched it multiple times and every time we do, we cry! We think it’s because through this crazy time that we are living in, this video has slowed everything down and reminded us of how far we have come. Taking time to watch these home videos that have been locked in our basement for years has given us comfort during this time!

“We had planned to shoot a real video for this song, but as things developed in the world we realized we had to pull from home videos as well as content we have shot over the last two years, and boy are we glad we did! This video explains how long we have been working towards this dream, and shows how important every step was. If you don’t know anything about The Reklaws all you gotta do is watch this video, because it explains it better than we ever could. We hope it reminds people of how important dreams and family are, we hope they can find light and joy in watching.”

Along with “Where I’m From,” fans get get to know The Reklaws further through another track they’re currently featured on — Dean Brody’s Gold certified (Canada) track, “Can’t Help Myself.”