The Springs Unwrap Holiday Romance in Playful New ‘Falling for You’

True romance is the gift that keeps on giving!

Written by Chris Parton
The Springs Unwrap Holiday Romance in Playful New ‘Falling for You’
The Springs; Photo credit: Laura Allen

There are few things that compare to the feeling of Christmas, but for husband-and-wife duo The Springs, falling in love is a close bet. Their new track, “Falling for You,” matches holiday excitement with a blast of country romance, and it’s premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (November 24).

Full of shimmering seasonal joy and head-over-heels flirtation, the hearts-forward track finds Stewart and Holly Halcomb like two kids on Christmas morning. Neither one can take their eyes off the other as they marvel in the anticipation of true love, and playfully tick off all the ways they land on each other’s nice list. It’s an upbeat holiday anthem filled with harmony and a jolly hook, and the Alabama duo say it comes from the heart. They co-wrote the smitten tune with another husband-and-wife team, finding plenty of clever-country cheer in their own relationship.

“‘Falling For You’ was an idea I had in my phone for a while. I have always thought that was one of the few Christmas/winter ideas that hasn’t been written, and we had the perfect co-writers in Aimee and Cody Walden to help this song come to life,” says Stewart. “My favorite line of this song is ‘Shining brighter than the lights on the tree ever could.’ That’s just such a fun way of saying, ”Hey, I know the Christmas tree is beautiful. But it has nothing on you.”

“We actually wrote this song on the way back from visiting family, and I know that helped give us the perfect mindset for a song like this,” Holly adds. “From the line, ‘Got me feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve” to ‘This year Santa Claus finally got it right,’ this song ties in so much with our families and our childhood. But my favorite line is, ‘I could wrap you up in a bow, and make you all mine.’ I love putting a bow on each present that I give to people around Christmas, and I think it just means more when you do that. It’s the perfect line to me, for the significance of the person you are falling in love with.”

“‘Cause the way I see you lookin’ at me, got me feelin’ like a kid on Christmas eve / I’m waiting, anticipating / And getting you underneath the mistletoe, doing what I gotta do to get you close / I’m hanging, on every word you’re saying / Can you blame me, for feelin’ the way I do? / Baby look outside, the snow’s even fallin’ for you,” goes the festive chorus.

“Falling for You” joins current single “Don’t Need Fixin'” under the couple’s Christmas tree, and The Springs are expecting the best gift of all next year — the birth of a baby boy. Check out more at their official website.