The Stories That Evolved into Kix Brooks’ Very Own Cookbook

The cookbook paints a story of the legendary singer’s life linked together with recipes that hit close to the heart.

Written by Laura Hostelley
The Stories That Evolved into Kix Brooks’ Very Own Cookbook
Photo courtesy The Greenroom PR

Kix Brooks brought the stories (and his homemade guacamole, made with lemon not lime) to Nashville this week to celebrate the release of his upcoming cookbook, Cookin’ it With Kix.

“I’m the last person you’d think would do a cook book, including myself,” the half of iconic country duo Brooks and Dunn admits to Sounds Like Nashville as well as other media during the recent event.

The new collection of recipes contains plenty of ideas for any outdoor cooking event you may encounter, along with appetizers, entrees, desserts and even drink ideas. And littered through out the book are personal stories from Brooks from his life on the road and growing up in Louisiana.

So what qualifies a country singer such as Brooks to write a cookbook? That answer lies between time cooking caught fish with his father, picking through gardens with his granddad and growing up in a rich culture that united friends and family with the lure of fresh cooked food.

Kix Brooks Cookbook

“This whole history of growing up came back to me at the request of doing a cookbook when I was about to say I’m not a cook, I’m not a chef, that’s stupid,” Brooks continues. “My motto of course is I’ve never done that but I’m sure I’ll be good at it… I started thinking about the stories that really mattered to me. My grandfather and hanging out as a kid and my father and going through his garden with my grand dad and fishing with him and realizing I grew up in a really rich colorful culture that revolved around not just eating, or cooking but the adventure of gathering. It’s a part of the whole thing that a lot of people unfortunately miss but it’s never okay.”

Growing up in Louisiana, rich flavors surrounded Brooks. But unfortunately, the only way to get to them was by car. And what better way to impress a young lady than to prepare her some fresh oysters and shrimp.

“The reason I wanted a car as much as anything so we could drive to south Louisiana because then you can get fresh oysters and fresh shrimp,” he says. “Then you can invite chicks and dorks like us can look like some kind of hero dudes who knew what they were doing, It was every bit as good as a guitar where I came from. If you could play guitar and cook, even a dork like me could get lucky even now and then.”

Inside Cookin’ it With Kix, you’ll find recipes for some of his favorites, like red beans and rice, as well as concoctions that are not only his, but that he’s picked up from friends on the road, family and recipes he’s tried through out his travels. It also gives you suggestions on wine pairings, and Brooks even recommends pairing some of his recipes with his own hit, “Red Dirt Road,” a song that reflects the place that many of the recipes comes from.

Over all, the cookbook paints a story of the legendary singer’s life linked together with recipes that hit close to the heart, and after that’s what cooking is all about, bringing together the ones you love.

“My autobiography I realized was a cookbook and I don’t even realize it,” he concludes. “It wasn’t because I claimed to be a chef, but I have learned to do beyond the basics of 101, it celebrates the fun, and that’s what it’s about.”