The Voice Recap: The Cross Battles Results Are In

Did your favorite make it?

Written by Lauren Laffer
The Voice Recap: The Cross Battles Results Are In
THE VOICE -- "Live Cross Battles Results" Episode 1612B -- Pictured: Brynn Cartelli -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The final night of the nail-biting Cross Battles on NBC’s “The Voice” is in the cans and although the actual competition practically brought viewers to the edge of their seat, it was nothing like the anticipation in waiting for the results.

Going into the show, Blake Shelton was the only coach with a “steal” remaining, while coaches Kelly Clarkson and John Legend each had a “saves.” Coach Adam Levine’s team was left to fate. Teams Kelly, Legend, and Adam have three singers each from week one of Cross Battles confirmed to move on to the next round while Blake has four.

Perhaps to ease the pain, the show didn’t start with an elimination. Instead, host Carson Daly introduced season 14 winner, Brynn Cartelli, performing her new single, “Grow Young.” Then it was off to the results.

The pair of singers were from the first cross battle—Team Kelly’s Jej Vinson and Team Adam’s LB Crew. “LB, I really want you to stay,” Adam told his team member. “I have no more ability to save, steal, any of that. I don’t know what the results are, but I truly believe that you were triumphant and you deserve to move forward. Once again, Jej, no disrespect because I love what you do.” Kelly then spoke to Jej, “You two are both phenomenal and you’re completely different, especially in the sense of the performances you gave last night. They were both moving in a completely different emotional way.” She then added, “This is a bummer scenario for me, personally, because I just think both of you are brilliant.”

America saved: Jej Vinson – Team Kelly

With Blake the only coach left with a steal, sadly it was the end of the road for LB.

Next up were Team Adam’s Kendra Checketts and Team Legend’s Jimmy Mowery. Adam began by telling the audience, “Kendra she’s incredible, she’s gifted, she’s talented in ways I wasn’t even aware earlier on in the competition and it is bittersweet. I see Kendra, a new team member, and I see Jimmy who I loved working with as well, so it’s really hard. But man, Kendra, you are unbelievable and I can’t conceive of losing you.” John then spoke to Jimmy, whom he had only had on his team for a short time. “It’s been so fun working with you,” he said. “I’ve just seen you grow over the competition from the very beginning in the blinds to when I was able to steal you after the Battle Round. I just felt like you’re really continued to grow and worked so hard to be the best artist you can be.”

America saved: Jimmy Mowery – Team Legend

Kendra began her thank yous starting with Blake who turned for her in the beginning, but just a blink into her 10 seconds, the country star was slapping his red button to keep his original team member. “It’s time for Kendra to come home,” he said.

The next Cross Battle face off to learn their results was Team Legend’s Shawn Sounds and Team Blake’s Karly Moreno. John began, “Oh Shawn, you know I love working with you. You come in here with so much talent and so much spirit and energy. I don’t really have to show you anything, you know what you’re doing, but every time you perform, you surprise me in some way and impress me in some way.” Blake went next, telling Karly, “I’ve only had a minute with you, but I gotta say that the reason I stole you for my team was because of the personality, the talent that you bring to the show, the smile. You make everybody happy when you get on that stage and I hope you stay because I think you’re important to the show and I want you to teach me how to skateboard.”

America saved: Shawn Sounds – Team Legend

Unfortunately, with only Kelly and John with saves remaining and four more eliminations to go, it was the final performance for Karly.

It was one of the most evenly matched Cross Battles of the second week, so it was bound to be a difficult loss for either Team Blake’s Carter Lloyd Horne and Team Legend’s Jacob Maxwell. The two gentlemen, who look like brothers, had become close friends during the competition, which made learning the results even harder. “Carter, I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but I want you to know, you’re on the right path and music is what you should be doing,” Blake told his young team member. John told Jacob, “I love working with you, I love hearing your voice. I said it last night, I want to hear a record with your voice on it because it’s so beautiful and so great to listen to. I know, for what we’re planning for the future, if we can continue working together, we can do a lot of great things together.”

America saved: Carter Lloyd Horne – Team Blake

With 10 seconds on the clock to say his thank yous, Jacob gave “all glory to God” and that was all it took for John to slap his red button to keep the young singer on Team Legend. “It appears God was watching NBC tonight,” Carson told Jacob.

Team Legend’s Julian King and Team Adam’s Kalvin Jarvis were in the hot seat next. “Kalvin, you had such an amazing moment for yourself,” Adam began. “I can’t guarantee any results because I have no idea what happens out there, but I will tell you that you did your best job at the most important time.” John then told Julian, “Not only do you have a beautiful voice, but I feel like you have the mind and the heart of an artist. You really have that spirit of creativity and musicianship and having a point of view as an artist that I think is really important. No matter what happens here I think you have a future because of that.”

America saved: Julian King – Team Adam

Carson wasted no time bringing up Team Kelly’s Rebecca Howell and Team Legend’s Beth Griffith-Manley to the spotlight. “I have not seen more apples and oranges right now,” Kelly said looking at the two talented singers. “You both are original Team Kelly members and I love both of you, I think you both did a phenomenal job. I have no idea how this is even fair at the end of the day because one is country, one is totally soulful. It’s completely different. I think you both are fantastic. I’m blessed to know both of you. I believe in both of you 100-percent.” John spoke directly to his team member, Beth, telling her, “You’re so gifted, you’re so elegant, but also giving us the rawness and the passion, and the energy. Your performance last night was so special. You just really dazzled the whole audience and we were so thrilled by everything you did.”

America saved: Rebecca Howell – Team Kelly

A thrilled Kelly went to the stage to embrace Rebecca, but reinforcing the words she spoke to both of the insanely talented women, she also booked a future duet with Beth. She seriously did!

With just two Cross Battles pairings left, Team Blake’s Gyth Rigdon and Team Kelly’s Abby Kasch were up next to learn the results of their country-on-country battle. Blake spoke to Gyth first, saying, “Gyth, you’re a star, man. And I’m glad you came to this show and gave us this opportunity at The Voice to be a part of your story. I can’t imagine that your story ends here, but I can’t imagine it for either one of you. You’re both so talented.” Kelly followed up telling Abby, “I love that on my team I have people that represent country in so many different ways. That kind of Gretchen vibe that you have, that rock and roll country is so important, I think for women in country and music in general. I think what you represent is so fresh on his show. I’m very proud of you.”

America saved: Gyth Rigdon – Team Blake

But Kelly saved her girl, Abby Kasch, with the only save left of the night. Barely two seconds into her thank yous, Kelly reached out to her red button.

The final pairing of the night took up the most space on the stage as Team Kelly’s trio The Bundys went against Team Blake’s Andrew Sevener. With no steals and no saves left, this elimination was even more intense than previous face-offs. Kelly spoke to the Bundys first. “First of all, I really hope that America chose you and if they didn’t, I’m so sorry that my save is gone. Just in case, I didn’t want to lose it, I wanted to keep the team together,” she said. “But I think that you are so talented, I’m so blessed to have the first group, first trio here on this show. The sibling harmonies are on point. I could not be more blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for picking me.” Blake then spoke to Andrew telling him, “I wouldn’t change one thing with how this worked out. You are a monster of a vocalist and you deserve to be in the competition. If this doesn’t work out here today, I’ve got some gigs for you in Nashville and Oklahoma. I’m proud of you. I hope this doesn’t end here, we’ve got more to do.”

America saved: Andrew Sevener

And with no steals or saves remaining, the Bundys were eliminated.

The final team line-ups are as follows:

Team Adam: Mari, Domenic Haynes, Betsy Ade, Kalvin Jarvis

Team Legend: Maelyn Jarmon, Lisa Ramey, Celia Babini, Jimmy Mowery, Shawn Sounds, Jacob Maxwell

Team Kelly: Matthew Johnson, Presley Tennant, Rod Stokes, Jej Vinson, Rebecca Howell, Abby Kasch

Team Blake: Kim Cherry, Oliv Blu, Dexter Robers, Selkii, Kendra Checketts, Carter Lloyd Horne, Gyth Rigdon, Andrew Sevener