Thomas Rhett Offers a Warning ‘To the Guys That Date My Girls’

Any dad can relate to this one ...

Written by Chris Parton
Thomas Rhett Offers a Warning ‘To the Guys That Date My Girls’
Thomas Rhett; Photo credit: John Shearer

Thomas Rhett has a new song with a special message inspired by his daughters, a pure-country ballad that comes with a warning titled “To the Guys That Date My Girls.”

Still officially unreleased, the quiet track hits close to home for any parent with daughters who will one day want to date — and that’s something Rhett knows well with two of his own, Willa Grey and Ada James. Reminiscent of tracks like Rodney Atkins“Cleaning this Gun (Come On In Boy),” it’s all about what he’d like to say to that 17-year-old kid who will one day come walking through the door, and it packs a protective punch any dad will understand.

First advising the youngster to get his girl home early and make sure to impress her mama, Rhett then goes on to remind the guy who’s in charge.

“You know you can’t fool me, I know what’s on your mind,” Rhett sings. “Wasn’t long ago I was your age, and the same thing was on mine / When you pull her close, save some room for Jesus / ‘Cuz if you ever cross that line I swear, boy you’re gonna need Him.”

Rhett’s been playing the track live in solo acoustic style, letting every heartfelt word be heard and even bringing Willa out onstage during a recent show in Kansas City.

“I know, they won’t be young forever / But I’m gonna hold on, as long as I can / So when you take their hand remember, you’re holding my whole world / Just a friendly reminder, to the guys that date my girls,” he sings in the song’s chorus.

There’s no word on when (or if) the track will ever be released, but fans can check it out through October 12 when Rhett finishes up his his Very Hot Summer Tour with a show in Nashville. In the meantime, his nostalgic current single, “Remember You Young,” is out now, part of the recent Center Point Road album.