Tim McGraw Reacts With Shock to U.S. Capitol Riot

He and Tyler Hubbard are calling for unity with the song, "Undivided."

Written by Chris Parton
Tim McGraw Reacts With Shock to U.S. Capitol Riot
Tim McGraw; Photo credit: Robby Klein

Country superstar Tim McGraw has a new song in the works with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, preaching political unity in a track titled “Undivided.” So as McGraw watched the scary events of January 6 unfold in Washington D.C., he felt moved to comment.

On Wednesday, protesters-turned-insurgents broke into the U.S. Capitol building and occupied the seat of American government for several hours, looting items, damaging property and terrorizing the people inside — even ransacking offices and posing for pictures in the congressional chambers. They did so in the name of outgoing President Donald Trump, who has convinced millions of people his election loss amounts to fraud, and as a longtime supporter of American democracy — even when opinions differ — McGraw expressed shock at the scene.

“A terribly sad day for America,” McGraw posted to social media. “A terribly sad day for leadership.”

McGraw wasn’t alone in his reaction, as others like Maren Morris and Mickey Guyton also spoke of their frustration. But it gives McGraw and Hubbard an especially powerful opportunity. Their new track “Undivided” isn’t out yet, but in a teaser posted by country icon, it sounds perfectly suited to the situation.

“I think it’s time to come together / You and I can make a change / Maybe we can make a difference / Make the world a better place / Look around and love somebody / We’ve been hateful long enough / Let the good Lord reunite us / Till this country that we love, undivided,” goes the optimistic chorus.

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard’s “Undivided” arrives on January 13.