Tim McGraw Releases Spanish Version of ‘Humble and Kind’

Tim McGraw wanted to expand the meaning of "Humble and Kind" by recording a Spanish version of the song for worldwide fans.

Tim McGraw Releases Spanish Version of ‘Humble and Kind’
Tim McGraw; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

The message portrayed in Tim McGraw’s hit, “Humble and Kind,” holds a universal understanding, so the country star decided to switch up the language to a Spanish version in a new recording of the track.

Although this marks the first endeavor for McGraw outside his native tongue, he thought it represented exactly what the lyrics are about and jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with singer/songwriter Claudia Brant on adapting the anthem.

“In songwriting, language has to rhyme and fit into the phrasing of the melody, so the song doesn’t translate exactly word for word. But Claudia Brant did an incredible job of translating the sentiment and heart of ‘Humble and Kind’ into ‘Nunca Te Olvides de Amar,’” said McGraw about the recording.

For the alternative version of “Humble and Kind,” McGraw recreated the first video with similar clips of people from all around the world. Moments from Oprah’s documentary, Belief, also make cameos scattered in the four-minute, twenty-second video.

The country singer really just wanted to capture the important notion of the entire creation, and hopes the Spanish cover expands the open-minded horizon that country music strives toward.

“I’ve said repeatedly that ‘Humble and Kind’ has a universal message, so singing the song in Spanish, for me, is a way to really stand up to that statement,” the singer said in a statement.

McGraw performs the original version of “Humble and Kind” while out on the Soul2Soul Tour later this year. Dates and information are available on the Soul2Soul website.