Tim Montana Joins Colbie Caillat for Epic Hot Yoga Session

He takes hot yoga to a whole new 'natural' level...

Written by Jeremy Chua
Tim Montana Joins Colbie Caillat for Epic Hot Yoga Session
Tim Montana Photo Courtesy of BBR Music Group

Tim Montana is mixing humor, fun, and a whole lot of wack on his brand new video series, Tim Out of Water, and Sounds Like Nashville has your exclusive premiere of the third episode!

Tim Out of Water is a video series where Montana tackles new experiences—specifically ones that are outside of his comfort zone. Considered an everyman, Montana expands his world by participating in common activities that you’d never think you’d see him do. Never one to play it safe, it takes a lot to scare this hell-raising adrenaline junky, but Tim Out of Water certainly tests his bravery.

In this third episode, Montana is dictated by his random raffle draw to do some hot yoga with his pal and music superstar, Colbie Caillat. 

“My idea of sweating balls is cutting timber on a Montana mountainside, building jack leg fences, breaking ice when the pipes are frozen (and you need water to boil), or dragging an elk three miles to the Polaris,” Montana tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I’m not exactly what you’d call ‘flexible’ so thanks to Colbie for showing ol’ boy a thing or two and putting up with this sweaty beard.”

While Montana brought the enthusiasm and adventurous spirit, the seemingly simple task of stretching and balancing proved to be a challenge to the country rocker.

“It’s like a weird friendship, right? Me and Tim are the complete opposite, but we find the appreciation in each other,” says Caillat, who invites the “Long Shots” singer to her yoga session in Nashville.

Halfway through, Montana may or may not have let out his emission of digestive gases and chased away his classmates—including Caillat. Did that really happen? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out!

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