Tim Montana Kicks Off ‘Tim Out Of Water’ Series With Michael Ray And Chest Wax

Did Michael Ray just give Tim Montana his first chest wax?!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Tim Montana Kicks Off ‘Tim Out Of Water’ Series With Michael Ray And Chest Wax
Tim Montana Photo Courtesy of BBR Music Group

Country rocker Tim Montana is mixing humor, fun, and a whole lot of wack on his brand new video series, Tim Out Of Water, and Sounds Like Nashville has your exclusive premiere of it!

Tim Out of Water is a video series where Montana tackles new experiences—specifically ones that are outside of his comfort zone. Considered an everyman, Montana expands his world by participating in common activities that you’d never think you’d see him do. Never one to play it safe, it takes a lot to scare this hell-raising adrenaline junky, but Tim Out of Water certainly tests his bravery.

“If a fortune-teller told me that in 2021 I’d either wrestle an alligator or get my chest waxed, I would have 100 percent started Googling alligator wrestling tactics—but it’s good to get out of your comfort zone, try new things and live in other people’s shoes I’ll try anything at least once,” Montana tells SLN ahead of the exclusive premiere. An adventurous and courageous thrill-seeker, the sky’s the limit for where the Montana native —yes, he shares the same last name as his home state—might possibly land up at.

To kick things off, the country-rock artist took an adventure to do something he never thought he would: getting his chest waxed.

“My uncle’s always told if I do this or that, it’ll put hair on my chest. So, I earned every bit of this chest hair and I’m not looking forward to it,” jokes Montana, before adding that “he’ll give it a go” and that “maybe [his] wife might like it.”

In comes Montana’s close buddy and fellow country artist Michael Ray just as the waxing starts. “What’s up, old boy?!” an ecstatic Ray exclaims as he enters. After the men take their shot of liquid courage, Ray swiftly gives Montana a taste of his very first—and painful—chest wax. 

“Oh my God, f*ck you!” the “Be A Cowboy” singer laughingly exclaims in seemingly unbearable pain. As if that wasn’t enough, Ray brings out “somebody who is licensed in all Tim Montana things”: his wife, Danielle.

“Now, I feel like everybody’s ripping my chest hair off! […] Everybody in that room seemed to be having a good time judging by the laughter and smiles, all at my expense,” utters a pain-stricken Montana.

To end the experience with a bang, Ray suggests they “clear out a roadway down to the ‘old American missile.’” If you’re wondering what that means and how the final product of Montana’s chest hair looks like, you’ll have to watch the video to see it for yourself! All we’ll say is, “‘Gone Looks Better’ on you, Tim!”

Stay tuned for the next episode of Tim Out Of Water exclusively here on Sounds Like Nashville. While you wait, stream Tim Montana’s new album Long Shots below.