Tim Montana Makes a Spooky Trip to the Cemetery for ‘Tim Out of Water’

This really has us... spooked out! 

Written by Jeremy Chua
Tim Montana Makes a Spooky Trip to the Cemetery for ‘Tim Out of Water’

Tim Montana’s brand new video series, Tim Out Of Water, combines humor, fun, and a whole lot of wack, and Sounds Like Nashville has the exclusive debut of the second episode!

Tim Out of Water is a video series where Montana tackles new experiences—specifically ones that are outside of his comfort zone. Considered an everyman, Montana expands his world by participating in common activities that you’d never think you’d see him do. Never one to play it safe, it takes a lot to scare this hell-raising adrenaline junky, but Tim Out of Water certainly tests his bravery.

In this second episode, Montana goes ghost hunting with his buddy Paul Bradford from Travel Channel’s Ghost Hunters International and Trending Fear, “an expert in all things supernatural.” 

The two then meet up with Montana’s buddy, who owns a graveyard, and stay out till the early hours of the night, armed with the necessary paranormal detection equipment. The cemetery is home to countless bodies, including two boys who were slain down a nearby spring. 

“I’ve scared a lot of folks over the years with my drunken, backyard antics and spur-of-the-moment stunts but rarely do I get spooked myself. This was different,” Montana tells Sounds Like Nashville

The night begins quietly enough, with no signs of paranormal activity, until all of a sudden, the lights, sounds, and noise buzzers go off all. The “Long Shots” singer gets startled with a visible look of trepidation on his face. 

“Paul was the real deal. I’m not one to turn down a good hunting trip, but ghost hunting might be where I draw the line,” admits Montana. “Call me when deer season starts.” 

Did a ghost make an appearance in this episode? If so, how horrifyingly spine-chilling was it? You’re going to have to watch the video above to find out!

In case you missed it, watch Montana get chest waxed by Michael Ray in the first episode of Tim Out Of Water here. Stay tuned for the next episode of Tim Out of Water premiering exclusively here on Sounds Like Nashville.