Watch Tucker Beathard Get Even in ‘Better Than Me’ Video

Sometimes you've just gotta settle the score!

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Tucker Beathard Get Even in ‘Better Than Me’ Video
Tucker Beathard; Photo courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Tucker Beathard channels the sarcastic spirit of his pop punk heroes in the video for his new single, “Better Than Me.”

Co-written by Beathard with Dan Isbell and Jonathan Singleton, the high-energy track feels like a callback to the late-’90s rock scene, full of power-chord crunching guitars, fat bass notes and pounding drums. Meanwhile, Beathard’s stoned out slacker vibe perfectly fits the song’s plot — all about a breakup that’s going much better for one party than the other.

In the fun-loving video (directed by Justin Clough), that world comes to life. Beathard sarcastically pranks his ex-girlfriend and her preppy new boyfriend at his fast food job, in between shot of his band blasting the track garage-band style.

“The fun thing about music videos is that it gives you the chance to offer up a whole other perspective to a song,” Beathard says. “We definitely went in a sarcastic direction and brought in the style of the videos I loved growing up. It was awesome being able to take on another character in the video. Justin, the director, really understood where I wanted to take it and we were able to let loose and just have some fun.”

Beathard broke out with the hard-nosed hit “Rock On” in 2016, which rose into the Top 5 at country radio. Later this year he’ll become the first country artist to release a debut double album, dropping the second installment of Nobody’s Perfect.