Tucker Beathard Delivers Beer, BBQ and Music to Celebrate New EP

Tucker Beathard gave us a taste of his upcoming 'Fight Like Hell' EP this week with an event at Nashville's Martin's BBQ Joint. 

Written by Laura Hostelley
Tucker Beathard Delivers Beer, BBQ and Music to Celebrate New EP
Photo by Steve Lowry

At first appearance, country newcomer Tucker Beathard may just look like a teenage girl’s dream, a bad boy with a guitar. When he stepped on stage Thursday night (Sep. 29) to give Nashville a preview of his upcoming EP, Fight Like Hell, a new side of depth, talent and a promising future in the music industry was evident.

The event took place at Martin’s BBQ Joint in downtown Nashville. Beathard, alongside cowriters on the album, including Jonathon Singleton, Angelo Petraglia and his father, Casey Beathard, took the stage to play stripped down acoustic versions of tracks on the forthcoming project.

“I was really fortunate to grow up, in my biased opinion, around the best songwriter in Nashville, my dad, Casey,” the 21-year-old singer shared with the audience. “He could tell me the world is flat and I’d believe him.”

The father-son duo played their own rendition of Eric Church’s “Homeboy,” a song the older Beathard penned about the same son he was sharing a stage with.

Throughout the evening, Tucker referenced his rebel days in many of the songs he performed. His story of growing up was featured in lyrics of several EP cuts including “Mama and Jesus,” “Fight Like Hell” and a tune that tugs on the heartstrings, “God and My Guitar.”

“This song right here is about what has gotten me through everything in life,” the young singer admitted before delivering his performance.

From there, he sang “20-10, Tennessee,” a clever story song told through a college football score and “I’ll Take on the World With You,” an ode to growing up with brothers.

The writer’s round style performance showcased Tucker’s voice and showed the audience his personality, a young man who gave up a future of a college baseball career to pursue his passion of music. And fans everywhere should be thankful that he did.

Fight Like Hell is slated to be released Oct. 7.