Tyler Booth’s ‘Beautiful Outlaw’ Is An Infectious Country Foot-Stomper

Anyone found Tyler's "Beautiful Outlaw" yet?

Written by Jeremy Chua
Tyler Booth’s ‘Beautiful Outlaw’ Is An Infectious Country Foot-Stomper
Tyler Booth; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Emerging country artist Tyler Booth is smitten by the girl of his dreams on his new song, “Beautiful Outlaw.”

The up-tempo anthem details the allure of Booth’s “wanted” love interest, whom he has lost all contact with after a chance run-in at a bar. Instead of lamenting over a pensive ballad, the Kentucky native, along with co-writers Buddy Owens and Phil O’ Donnell, decide to give it a twist.

Riding on a rollicking production, Booth croons on the chorus: “She didn’t ride into town on no midnight train / No stick ‘em up six-shooter or sidekick with a nickname / She oughta be doing time locked up in my arms / Facing twenty-five to life for starting a fire in a bar / Wish I had a picture, yeah, I’d post her on a wall / One wanted bad, beautiful outlaw.”

Left to one’s imagination, the lyrics and Booth’s delivery almost paint a picture of an old western movie, where Booth is in a dive bar out in the middle of nowhere when he meets his “beautiful outlaw,” only to have missed the opportunity to call her his after. Sonically, the steel, guitar riffs, and drum beats complement Booth’s signature baritone like sipping down a smooth, fine glass of old-fashioned.

“Beautiful Outlaw” follows Booth’s earlier releases, “Palomino Princess” and “Already Got One,” both of which dropped at the top of this year. A promising newcomer, the Sony Music Nashville/Villa 40 recording artist was also named one of Sounds Like Nashville’s 2021 Artists To Watch. 

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