Walker Hayes Imagines a Bittersweet Future in ‘Don’t Let Her’

Even if he's not around, he wants his wife to be loved right.

Walker Hayes Imagines a Bittersweet Future in ‘Don’t Let Her’
Walker Hayes; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

“’90s Country” singer Walker Hayes puts his devotion to his wife on display with the heartstring-tugging new track, “Don’t Let Her.” But the sweet message comes with a lump-in-your throat twist – it’s about helping the next man who comes along to love her right, if something should ever happen to Hayes.

Co-written by Hayes with Shane McAnally and Andrew DeRoberts, the soulful song was written while Hayes was out on tour and missing his family badly. Laying awake in a foreign country, Hayes says he started jotting down all the things he loves most about his wife, Laney, and what makes her unlike any other woman. Shortly after, he put those thoughts to music.

“I’m honored to be sharing this powerful and massive song about Laney,” Hayes says. “I was touring in the U.K., missing her and my family terribly, so I started texting myself specifics about Laney. Things that if somebody were to hang out with her, what would they need to know about her. Then it kind of turned in to a letter to whoever would take my place if something were to happen to me. That’s what this song is about and I hope you guys can relate in some way.”

Hayes and Laney have been together since high school and have six children. The video is made up completely of photos from throughout he and Laney’s relationship, full of smiles and happy memories.

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Meanwhile, the track is built on an easy-rolling guitar melody and a comfortable, swaying beat, with Hayes laying out a roadmap to his wife’s unique personality.

“She don’t give two cents, about money / Likes a little coffee, in her honey / Let her sleep late as, she wants / Home is her favorite, restaurant / Don’t you dare come home if you’re hammered / Better watch your mouth, and your grammar / She loves babies, hates glitter / You better shave, before you kiss her / And if she ever misses me / Don’t let her,” goes the so-sweet chorus.

“Don’t Let Her” is out today and set to start impacting radio next week. Hayes released the album Boom. in 2017 which included the Platinum Top 10 hit, “You Broke Up With Me,” and has since dropped two tracks from an upcoming project, the grateful “Craig” and grooving “’90s Country.” He’ll be on tour all over the U.S. this summer.