Walker Hayes Likes To Keep Things Simple On Father’s Day

Walker Hayes is a no-frills dad, especially on Father's Day!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Walker Hayes Likes To Keep Things Simple On Father’s Day
Walker Hayes performs at the HGTV Lodge on Sunday, June 9 during the 2019 CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville. Photo courtesy of CMA

Country Singer Walker Hayes, who, with wife Laney, has six children, shared recently that with Father’s Day, he’s “kind of a finicky Father’s Day guy”—in the best way possible. He likened it to a comparison between walking across a tightrope over the grand canyon, bare feet with no pole, or opening a present in front of someone. Perhaps unsurprising to most, he would choose the former in a heartbeat.

“I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings and so, basically, the rule in my house is keep it homemade. Because if it’s a Popsicle stick with ‘I love you dad,’ I still am gonna be like, ‘This is the greatest Popsicle stick ever.’ And I will mean it,” shared the 39-year-old dad.

If Hayes could eliminate the gift-giving, he would. He tries to make holidays as much of a normal day as it can be, and place more emphasis on being present, than pressure of getting the perfect gift.

“Say ‘Happy Father’s Day,’ that’s great, I appreciate it, but the pressure of holidays, I have no idea why, but [I just] have anxiety on Christmas and I have anxiety on my birthday and Father’s Day. And so my family… they do it perfect. I mean they really do a great job… it’s so low-key and we just get to chill.” Adding further, Hayes shared how with Laney, too,  she will let the home projects like fixing a cabinet pass, something he does appreciate.

The singer-songwriter released his latest single to country radio, “Don’t Let Her,” which exists both as a modern-day love letter to his wife and a to-do note to the next guy who looks after her if he were to pass away unexpectedly. The heartwarming and emotional song also got Hayes his biggest add day on country radio during the past week too.

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