Walker Hayes Showcases His Doting Side On ‘Make You Cry’

Hayes is getting all romantically cheeky on this song!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Walker Hayes Showcases His Doting Side On ‘Make You Cry’
Walker Hayes; Photo credit: Electric Machine

Walker Hayes continues to show his romantic, doting husband side on “Make You Cry.”

The latest release from Hayes finds the singer declaring his love for wife Lainey, detailing and all the things he loves doing to “make [her] cry” tears of joy and bliss.

“I love to make you cry / I Know I hit that right emotion / When your eyes fill up with oceans / Girl I love to make you cry, I know I’m really onto something / When that mascara’s running / Girl I love to make you cry,” Hayes sings passionately on the cheeky yet heartfelt chorus.

“I love writing songs inspired by my family, and ‘Make You Cry’ is no exception,” says Hayes, who penned the track with Nash Overstreet and Shane Stevens.

“My wife and I are high school sweethearts and I’ve definitely made her cry a time or two in our best and worst moments. This one is all about happy tears. I hope [listeners] can relate.”

“Make You Cry” is the follow-up to Hayes’ prior releases, which include “I Hope You Miss Me,” “Trash My Heart” and the emotional “Don’t Let Her.”

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