Watch CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs’ ‘Doin’ This’ Video

Sometimes the nice guy finishes first.

Written by Chris Parton
Watch CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs’ ‘Doin’ This’ Video
Luke Combs backstage at Ford Fairchild's photo booth at “The 54th Annual CMA Awards,” airing live Wednesday, November 11, 2020 on ABC from Music City Center in Downtown Nashville; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild

Wednesday night (November 10) was a huge night for country star Luke Combs, who was named Entertainer of the Year at the 55th Annual CMA Awards for the first time in his career. The milestone clearly stunned Combs and came just five years after the release of his first Nashville single, “Hurricane,” but even before the win, he was thinking about the journey behind him.

During the show, Combs also debuted his new song, “Doin’ This,” a reflective ballad about his love of music that basically says he’d still be performing, even if he wasn’t winning country’s top awards on TV. And with the heartfelt track’s official, video, he tributes a guy in that exact position.

Highlighting his longtime friend and musical brother, Adam Church, the clip mixes old footage of Combs’ early days with the reality both men are living now. Church takes care of his family, plays guitar for fun and chases his musical dreams — every now and then sharing a stadium stage with Combs — while the country star takes interview questions about what he’d be doing, “If he wasn’t doing this?”

Combs goes out of his way to praise his friend’s talent and generousity in the video, once again proving his down-to-earth relatability along with his star power. But you could tell that much in his CMA Awards acceptance speech, too:

“Doin’ This” is out now as a brand-new song from 2021 CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs. Riding one of the hottest hot streaks in the genre, Combs has scored 11 straight Number One singles to start his career, with “Cold As You” currently inside the Top 5 at country radio. The North Carolina debuted the new track on the CMA Awards live, and you can check out Sounds Like Nashville’s full coverage of the show here.