Watch Luke Bryan’s Emotional ‘Build Me a Daddy’ Video

Better keep some Kleenex handy.

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Luke Bryan’s Emotional ‘Build Me a Daddy’ Video
Luke Bryan; Photo credit: Jim Wright

Luke Bryan has just released the tender new song titled “Build Me A Daddy,” and this one has a tear-jerking video to match.

The emotional track finds a young son asking a toymaker to replace the father he’s tragically lost, and Bryan dials up a quiet, empathetic performance for the lump-in-your-throat ballad. But it’s the reflective video which gets the waterworks started. Shot by Michael Monaco and filmed earlier this year south of Nashville, it features Bryan wandering an emptied-out house that represents the fading memory of the boy’s father, and includes a cameo by Bryan’s own two sons at the very end.

“There are people out there who are going to really, really relate to this song and it’s going to affect them in a beautiful way,” Bryan wrote of the track on social media.

“Could you build me a daddy? Strong as Superman / Make him 10 feet tall with a southern drawl and a crooked smile if you can / ‘Cuz I sure miss him, maybe you could bring him back / If I walked in with him, it’d sure make momma happy / If you could build me a daddy,” goes the heart-wrenching chorus.

“Build Me A Daddy” was written by Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson and Brett Tyler, and part of the upcoming Born Here, Live Here, Die Here album (previously set for April but moved to August 7 in the wake of COVID-19). Next Thursday (June 18), Luke is set to perform the new song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he just finished up Season 18 of American Idol in May.